November 23, 2018

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  • Whitman came into our room this morning around 6:45. He was carrying his water bottle and climbed right into our bed. This woke me up for good, and when I am awake in the mornings, I usually get hot because of the heat blasting on us. So I spent the next 30 minutes trying to figure out how to uncover me while keeping Robby and Whitman covered up.
  • When I did leave the sleeping boys, I worked on my last few ornaments. They were soon ready for the tree. Once Robby woke up, he started to work on the Christmas decorations.
  • The first thing that we did was to set up the Snow Village stuff. It wasn't too bad though I do have more little people than houses so I do think that it looks a bit cluttered. However, by the end, I had already put up the boxes and didn't want to get them back out to put the little figurines back inside of.
  • Next up was the kitchen tree which was super simple to put up and even decorate. On that tree goes all of my food ornaments so decorating it doesn't take any time at all. Then we moved on to the big tree.
  • Imagine my relief when we opened up the box, and the tree was not gold. The tree only had 3 pieces as compared to our 20 year old tree that had at least 100 branches to put on. The tree didn't take us too long to put up and even move. The kids walked through and wanted the tree near the tv and not where we had put it. We tried it where they suggested and liked it, so we moved the tree.
  • I didn't do any decorating then because it was time for a nap-I mean the football game. Well, I may have done both at least during the first half. The Wilson's came over during the second half, and Shannon helped (well she actually did all of the work) put a burlap ribbon around my tree. 
  • I then put the ornaments on the tree. Campbell and Keaton did help a little bit. It is a shame, but I have about 100 or more ornaments that I wasn't able to use this year because I just don't have enough room on the tree. Maybe we should slow down on the ornament buying-says the girl who bought over 25 this year. 
  • I did separate all of my Disney ornaments since maybe I need a Disney tree somewhere in the house. That would be fun. Maybe next year though-just baby steps. I will say that this is the first year in a quite a few years that I have actually thought that my tree looks really good. 
  • After the game, the adults ran to David's Burgers to eat supper. Then we picked up the kids food on the way home. They ate and as soon as they finished, the neighbors came outside. So the kids then played outside until after 9. It was dark and cold out there and they didn't seem to mind. 
  • The adults watched the basketball game, and then we watched a Hallmark movie. Now this was Robby and my first Hallmark movies to watch. I think that I might even be hooked. We actually finished the movie after the Wilsons left and then put the kids to bed after 11! It is a still a holiday, right?

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