November 2, 2018

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  • Friday morning, and we were in no hurry to get up and get started this morning. We still did stir in time to get our work together done. Then everyone started on their own work. Since today was our 4th day of school this week, things should have gone easier.
  • As you can imagine though, things didn't go that much easier. Anderson didn't finish his school until late in the afternoon. Now, of course that didn't bother him at all. Graham had a melt down with his writing and math. And Whitman was so distracted today-if any of my kids have ADD it is that boy. 
  • Of course, when I was trying to help 3 people today, fold laundry, and pack for 7 people this morning, I felt a lot like I have ADD as well. My mind is a bit scattered and will probably stay that way until most things are packed. (Currently, most dress clothes are packed and 2 and a half kids are also packed.)
  • Before we had lunch, we worked on straightening downstairs. It took us forever to finally getting the living room straightened. My people can fool around better than any other folks. We did eventually get everything straightened about the time that Nonna and Pops came over to pick up Keaton.
  • She has had fun over there...and I think that she even went to Target to spend one of her birthday gift cards. That makes me super excited as well because wandering aimlessly around a store is not my idea of fun at all. It kind of stresses me out just thinking about it.
  • The afternoon flew by with more packing along with me walking through the house picking up candy wrappers every 4 feet. It is like it is the day after the day after Halloween. I am not too sure how it has happened, but the kids candy is pretty much almost all gone. Whitman still has plenty but he doesn't go through his like the others go through theirs and really, he doesn't like most of his anyway.
  • Around 4, Robby broke the news to the boys that he was going to the preteen retreat with them. They had a sponsor drop out and asked Robby to go. Anderson encouraged Robby to make sure that he was rooming with the 5th graders (Graham) and even asked Robby "not to interfere" with them. Ha! 
  • When Campbell and I dropped off Anderson, Robby and Graham at church, it didn't take too long for Robby to see that he was rooming in the 6th grade cabin (Anderson) and even had Anderson in his small group. 
  • I am sure that Anderson and Graham don't really mind having Robby there. Hopefully, Robby is have a decent time since I am sure that the boys are loving it. 
  • After we dropped off the boys, Campbell and I ran to Walmart and then Hobby Lobby. Once we made it home, we worked on supper. Campbell and I had nachos while Reagan had ravioli. Whitman had a bit of both. 
  • Once things were picked up, I went to work on a potato casserole for Thanksgiving. While I worked on that, the girls made cookies in a coffee mug as their dessert. It smelled so good that I made myself one as well.
  • I let them stay up way later than they should have but when it was time to go to bed, I did have no complaints. Hopefully my crew will sleep late, late in the morning! 

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