November 1, 2018

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  • I could have slept for at least another hour. The bed was so cozy this morning-usually, I leave the bed frustrated at our like of nice bedding. When we go on a trip, we always love a hotel bed. I have even actually talked to Robby about us taking a piece of the bedding from each hotel that we visit-a pillow here, a sheet there, a pillow case here... I am not so sure how I would get a mattress home though. 
  • Back to the day though, we started our school fairy on time. Though after Thanksgiving, I do plan to get back in a better school starting routine or maybe I will do that after Christmas. We did all of our morning reading and then began everyone's daily school work.
  • The past two days, I have been moving along and finishing before noon.Whitman was a bit slower today and finished right at noon. I was able to straighten up a few things before we all started on our lunches.
  • After lunches, there is a whole other list of things that we work through. The big kids had presentations to work on for their East, typing for East, and newspaper articles to finish for our homeschool group. I am reading one book to Campbell, Keaton and Whitman in the afternoons. Then it was time to work with Whitman-we are so close to finishing his reading book-so, so close. Plus we do our science and history and a zillion other books again in the afternoon. 
  • I then set about picking up candy trash all over this house. You would have thought that it was the day after Halloween or something. There were candy wrappers everywhere! 
  • I also spent quite a bit of time packing. My plan is to have everyone's clothes packed this weekend-that will make me feel quite a bit better. Not, their dress clothes won't be able to be packed until after Sunday. My list started off as 6 pages and is now to 3 pages so I am definitely making progress. However, I have already marked off all of the easy things to do; it is just the hard things that are left.
  • Anderson had his basketball tryouts tonight. While they were gone, Brett came over to hang out a little bit. When Anderson came in, we heated back up our chili. I did make a box of cornbread and cook it in the waffle maker. It was different and good, but nothing that I have to make again. 
  • Every night when we tuck the kids in, I notice Reagan's cup of ice water. It always looks so good. Tonight, I asked her if I could have a sip-that is how good is looks. I am not sure why it is so appealing to me. She denied my request for a sip, so I came down to my ice filled cold water bottle to have a sip. For some reason, it is just not the same. I guess I might have to get up and use the same cup that Reagan is using...except that we are pretty much out of ice so I will just have to wait until tomorrow.

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