November 28, 2018

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  • Wednesday morning and yes, we were a bit out of habit after missing 2 Bible studies and then having a week off for Thanksgiving. I called to Reagan that she had 3 minutes left. She made it to the kitchen right as I was sounding the one minute alarm.
  • She pulled out the toaster and started to heat her bagel. I told her that she was kind of waiting to the last minute. But after looking at the toaster's empty slot, I shoved my bagel in as well. My child turned to me and replied, "well, aren't you waiting to the last minute too." I sure was and the bagel was delightful-though I did use the last of my cream cheese!
  • Bible study was fine, and afterwards we went to the Heltz' house. They were having some trees cut down so this was pretty exciting for the kids, mostly Whitman, to watch. Once the trees came down, we released the kids, and they were able to run around and play for a good little bit. 
  • When we headed home, the kids worked on their chores for a little bit. Reagan even had Kennedy doing some of her chores for her. We even did our afternoon reading even though we had a guest. I saw where we were in history and am going to do my best to be halfway by Christmas-we may have to start Saturday school least just for history.
  • After reading to everyone, reading to the three littles, reading to Whitman and having him read to me, the afternoon really seemed to fly by. I was just about to sit down and rest my eyes when Whitman asked me to help him make a domino track. 
  • Once that was finished, I was about to sit down again when Robby came home. So after talking to him for a bit, it was already time to start on supper. Since we had pizza for lunch today, I pulled out all of the sandwich stuff for supper tonight. I did try to make it fancy by emphasizing that we were having paninis! Even though that is just squished warm sandwiches, paninis sound better than "sandwiches." I am not too sure if the kids bought it or not.
  • We went to the library for me to check out a few books. Then it was on to church. It took pretty much forever for us and all of the cars in front of us to turn on the road to get to the church house, but we finally made it. We even made it in plenty of time for Whitman and I to see Grannymom, Grandpa and Nonna.
  • Then it was time for our classes. Before we made it out of the church parking lot, it was already 8:30. Once we made it home, the kids showered and then it was bedtime for all. Reagan tried to convince us to watch a Hallmark movie with them, but since she was only trying to get a later bedtime out of the deal, we didn't oblige.

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