August 31, 2020

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  • Monday and the laundry from yesterday just kept appearing. I did pull out the beach towels for Whitman to fold later in the day for his chore. It makes me cringe to let him fold them, but he needs chores and since they are just going to get unfolded, I have to just let it go and deal with sloppily folded towels.
  • Everyone got right to work on their school this morning. Reagan had her zoom class today, and I guess that she had no problems getting on it. For this part of her English class, they have three quizzes to do each week on the computer. That is fine-except they have to do one on Monday, one on Wednesday and one on Friday. That makes me crazy-why can't you just do them all and be done with it? Urgh. Ha! Good thing I am not the one in the ninth grade.
  • Whitman took his sweet time during school today. I believe that I was still passing him papers all the way until 3 this afternoon. By 1, I am pretty much done with school so I just make him do a paper every so often. I think that he would actually prefer to do his school like that, but it would drive me crazy.
  • The electrician came today to finish up the generator things. That is good to have finished, though I think there is still some things Robby needs to do. Also there seems to be lots to do with all of our other projects-bolts the wrong size (new ones bought), holes not drilled correctly (fixing this week), and no posts delivered yet (hopefully Wednesday). There seems to always be something related to the camper-Robby is still loving every minute of it though.
  • I marked quite a few little things off of my list today. Though my list if a few pages long! I so enjoyed this rainy morning and wished that it could have stayed rainy. However, if it did, I wouldn't have been so productive today and would have had myself a good ole nap!
  • I had made chicken enchiladas a while back and froze them. Tonight I pulled them out, and folks weren't too impressed at all. They just seemed soggy. I was a bit disappointed in them too. That is an easy meal to make, but it definitely is not a freezer meal. 
  • After supper, Robby and I worked in the garage some and worked on the camper some before I came in to play a card game with Whitman, Campbell, Graham and Keaton. I do enjoy playing games, but not so much when the kids act so hateful-tonight was definitely one of those nights! 
  • So as soon as our card game was over, it was bedtime for everyone! It was already that time, and really it was past bedtime. They are all still going strong upstairs tonight! And I can't decide if I want a shower or ice cream tonight before I go to bed.

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