September 30, 2020 - Day 5 of Camping at the Beach

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Exhausting! That is the only way that I know of to describe beach days. Seriously, we are beat, and I know that the kids are tired when they are asking to go to bed. Now, I will say that they were asking to go to bed around 11:15, but still they wanted to go to bed so they must have been tired.

We didn't sleep as late as we have today. Campbell, Graham and Keaton were the first ones out the door. They also found folks to head to the beach with. While they were down there, Reagan did some school work, and Robby made our breakfasts.

Today's menu was biscuits, eggs and sausage. This was our first time to get the biscuits done really well. Usually, it takes forever for them to get done. He thinks that he let the oven preheat long enough today. Either way, they were good. Graham rode back up to eat his breakfast. On his way back down, he also took a breakfast sandwich for Campbell to eat on the beach.

I am sure that they were ready for us to get down to the beach because we had told them they couldn't go very far without us there. When we arrived, we added our tent to the mix-at some point today, the old lady sitting next to us said loudly that she would not have set her chair up there if she knew she would be right next to a day care! 18 kids could possibly be called a day care. 

I am not sure if that lady was still there later in the morning when the Kamps showed up! No one knew that they were coming-it was a super fun surprise. So that did make our kids total 21. The kids just have so much fun at the beach. Campbell, of course, is the water girl. She could stay in the water the entire time. Whitman really enjoys the sand. 

Today, Keaton and her friends dug a hole that was about 4 feet deep. Anderson and Graham also floated out in Andrew's kayak for a little bit. Reagan does enjoy being on the beach and tried her best to soak up some sun. The first day they all soaked up a bit too much sun. Yesterday it was cloudy the entire time so no one became burned. I hope that we used enough sunscreen today.

Around 1, we left with all the kids but Anderson for some souvenir shopping. Everyone found a sweatshirt but Whitman. He found a 17 dollar stuffed animal-which he did not get! Of course this made him sour so he set his eye on some cotton candy-which he also didn't get. The cotton candy was 7 dollars.

He is lucky though that a Dollar General was right next door because I ran in to look for some cotton candy. Lo and behold there was some for a reasonable price-1 buck. You should have seen the boys face when I came back to the car with his treat.

We then dropped them off-some were headed back to the beach. It is super nice to have lots of adults around to help watch kids. Some hung out in the camper. Robby and I bought 5 and a half pounds of shrimp plus some boudin balls and a key lime pie. Most of the shrimp wasn't for us, but the key lime pie was!

We hurried back-there just doesn't seem to be enough time to do everything around here. Robby still could use a pair of tennis shoes, but he may just have to wait until we get home. We then went back to the beach and stayed until 5ish. Then the kids started heading back for showers. 

Tonight was picture night on the beach. I didn't bring fancy clothes for my peeps, but we were all at least clean! I hope that there were some decent pictures taken tonight-I haven't even seen them yet. It took about 45 minutes for everyone to take pictures. Imagine how long it takes over 30 people to have their pictures taken-there was a group picture, family pictures, couple pictures, kid pictures and the list just went on and on.

Afterwards, everyone went back to their spots to fetch their dinners. Then we all met back up for the cooking of the shrimp. Shrimp, to me, tastes like nothing. The boudin balls were spicy and mushy and definitely different. Our main supper was cheese ravioli smothered with sausage and sauce. It was delicious!

When the suppers were all cleaned up, we all headed towards the beach for some crab hunting. The moon was huge tonight, so we should have been able to see the crabs really well. However, there were very few crabs out tonight. That was fine with me since it made our evening walk a bit shorter.

Robby and I had the kids to come back to the camper next-they helped us for a few minutes. Then they went back up to see their friends and watch some of a basketball game. (At least I think that it was a basketball game). While they were gone, Robby and I worked and worked putting everything away. This camping stuff is a lot of work.

We were still working when the kids came back down an hour later. We had just finished on the outside and were moving to the inside of the camper. Robby dried some bathing suits for they would be ready for our quick dip in the morning, Then it was time for bed for the crew. It even took a bit longer tonight because we changed up the sleeping spots. Most folks were happy with the new spots-some didn't want to give up their spots. Either way, hopefully they all sleep well tonight!

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