February 10, 2021

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  • Today was Valentine's party day so my kids were ready to do school this morning to get the morning over with so we could get to the main event of the day. School went really well-Campbell even joined her Bible study zoom a little bit late. 
  • Reagan did much better on her math today. Forever, her math takes her about a week to understand, but when she gets it, she finally does get it. On the other end of the spectrum, Whitman's math is super simple-skip counting right now so he is loving it.
  • Robby ran with Graham to get his hair cut early this afternoon. Graham has been wanting his hair cut for a while-I can't really tell much of a difference, I thought that it looked really good this morning. Now it looks just a good, but is a bit shorter.
  • While they were gone, Keaton and I braved the cold attic to do some more work up there. Actually, it wasn't that cold in the attic, but we still worked fast. We didn't get rid of much today, but we did do a bit of moving of junk around. Someday I will get rid of some more things, but today was not the day.
  • At 2, we met Graham at Sara's house. She was the brave one willing to host our Valentine's Day party. There were 27 and a half kiddos there today (1/2 because Jennifer is just about ready to have baby Kate any day now.) 
  • Everyone brought something that they loved. We displayed them all in the garage, and it was so much fun to see. There were recipes (chocolate gravy), toys, books, musical instruments and even food. We brought a stuffed green lizard (Reagan), a Lego set (Anderson), a Funko Pop (Graham), a cereal box (Campbell), a can of beans (Keaton), magnetic rocks (Whitman) and a recipe (me.)
  • Sara had games for everyone to play, and we migrated through her house playing different games. When it was supper time, we started scooping the soups that some of the mom's had made. We had taken cookies for everyone's desserts.
  • The original plan was for us to all eat and then hurry to church. However, the church had already cancelled so we didn't have to rush off. The Lawson road dads even swung by to eat a bite of soup, and we just made it a Valentine/Snow Day party.
  • The Snow Day party continued with the Wilsons coming over for a bit tonight. We did a lot of checking the weather along with watching some cooking shows. We even sampled my shower brownies that we made from the cooking show. 
  • It is now bedtime and my crew is pretty wound up-like it literally sounds like they were bouncing off of the walls upstairs. I guess they had a wee bit too much candy today!

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