February 15, 2021

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  • Snow days are hard work! I think that the boys did beat me up, but from upstairs the snow didn't look that deep so they weren't that impressed. As soon as I woke up, I continued to stare at the window from my bed marveling at how fast the snow was coming down.
  • I headed to the treadmill for a little bit-I watched a Hallmark Christmas movie while continuing to watch the snow. We were able to hold Campbell off from going outside until a bit later-she was ready to go out as soon as she woke up.
  • Once I was finished with the treadmill, I started making homemade biscuits and chocolate gravy. When that was nearly finished, I started Robby's sausage gravy. The biscuits were pretty good (can you really beat some Grands biscuits though?), the chocolate gravy was good (and has been good all day long on everything else that I have eaten), and the sausage gray was also good they said (but way too meaty for even Robby.) Overall, our snow breakfast was a success.
  • Next up was going outside. I had been seriously thinking abut us going skiing lately-not anymore. I am done with that. So many clothes, so many people, so many gloves, so many jackets-we almost never made it out of the garage. The first even was a group picture!
  • Then we all migrated to the big hill for some sledding-the snow was really to deep to sled in. We were able to go a little bit, but the effort was not worth the result! We were out for a good while. 
  • When most of us came in, Robby moved the snow off of the Suburban and ended up driving to the Ferguson's house with Campbell and Keaton. They were able to do some sledding over there before slowly coming back home.
  • While they were gone, I went to work on remaking my marshmallows from yesterday. I did make them and we ate them tonight-they were really pretty good. Now, are they worth the trouble when a bag of marshmallows are about a dollar? No, but I am glad that I made them-I can mark that off of the list.
  • After a bit, we all climbed in the car and slid on down to the Wilsons house. Well, there wasn't any sliding-cause I was busy praying. At the Wilsons, we did some sledding and snow surfing. The 4 Wheeler was eventually pulled out and the kids took turns sledding behind it.
  • It was colder over there than it was at our house. Reagan even went inside to warm up-I didn't cause I would have had to have taken my britches off. (I had another pair on though!) Once we came home, I was freezing and most everyone else was-but Campbell and Keaton stayed outside for at least another hour.
  • By the time they came in, most of us had taken showers, and I had dried some wet clothes and done one load of laundry. Right now the second load of laundry is being dried-I guess it is nice to have my laundry already finished for the night, but this snow day stuff makes a lot of laundry.
  • For supper, we heated up our leftovers from the other night-we had fajitas and came home with a box full of leftovers. Tonight, we used those leftovers to feed everyone! It worked our pretty well. 
  • After we cleaned the kitchen, the whole family played two rounds of Mexican Train Dominoes. We play a lot of games, but Reagan and Robby don't play too many games with us so this was a treat. Whitman was in first place and Keaton and I were last places.
  • Next up was snow ice cream making. Some folks ate my homemade marshmallows, but most people didn't even try them! I will say that my snow ice cream was delicious-especially when I scooped some chocolate gravy on top!
  • We still had about an hour until it was finally bedtime for the crew. I believe that Graham is currently taking his 3rd shower of the day-he said he needed to warm up. 
  • Meanwhile, I am walking around the house turning off lights so the power doesn't go out. Keepign the lights off in this house is a full time job-I am the only one who turns off lights and closes cabinet doors!
  • Tomorrow the snow will still be around, plus there will be more snow to get excited about. The currently plan is to do our school tomorrow since we skipped today-I do think that a school day will be easier than a snow day-but I have an idea that tomorrow will be both!

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