February 13, 2021

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  • It wasn't too much of a restful Saturday morning for us. Our alarms started ringing at the same time. Today, Robby and I were both hitting snooze for a good while before we did get out of the bed. I walked around waking up the upstairs people-I think the kid count here last night was 8, and even though some of them have changed, we still have 8 tonight.
  • I made muffins for the crew this morning, and quite a few were eaten before we left. Robby took Keaton, Campbell and Whitman to Grannymom's house while I took Kennedy, Alyssa, Reagan, Anderson and Graham to church.
  • I met back up with Robby and we met the Wilsons as well. We headed downtown for the RV show. It was chilly on our walk to the convention center-I was even glad to have my mask on. We looked in 235 different campers. I will say that by the end of the morning, they all started to look the same.
  • We then had supper at Burgess-Robby and I split a muffeletta and catfish. It was a pretty good lunch! Afterwards, Robby picked up the kids while I headed home in my car. I straightened some while waiting on them to come home. 
  • Then we watched the basketball game-well, Robby watched the game, and I had a wonderful nap. It was a great nap-I think that I sleep better during basketball games. Hopefully, the same thing doesn't apply to baseball games since we hopefully will get to go to some next week.
  • After the baseball game, I ran with Robby to pick up our free Chickfila from receipt day a few weeks ago. When we came home, Campbell, Keaton and I ran to Bath and Body with Shannon to spend her coupon. We didn't buy anything but smelled everything in the store!
  • We were home for a little bit when I headed to pick up the church kids-the Wilsons were back over so Shannon rode on that trip with me. That little quick trip took almost an hour and we came home with one extra kid. 
  • Currently, it is 10:45 and lots of people here are showering and lots of people here are about to go to bed! Hopefully, I am one of them!

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