February 20, 2021-Snowy Baseball in Arlington

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  • Two things that I forgot from last night-on the way here, my head was down doing something, probably looking at my phone, and bam! I immediately thought that we had had a blow out-it was that loud. Instead, we had hit a bird. Robby was as a calm as a cucumber since he had seen it coming and knew exactly what it was. No harm was done-since it hit right in the same spot as our current windshield crack.
  • And last night, Whitman asked for a drink of water. I was in the boys room since it wasn't yet bedtime. We only had a few water bottles left, so I had Keaton get him a glass of water from the sink. On her way back, I was quick to notice that the water was as cloudy as a...cloud. It was nasty. There water had been off so I am sure that is the reason-however, we let him have a precious water bottle.
  • At 4 this morning, Graham and Robby were both up looking for water. Robby said that he couldn't get back to sleep because he was so thirsty since he couldn't find the last water bottle in the ice chest in the middle of the night. So it was no surprise, that this morning Robby and Graham came to our door to tell me that they were heading out to find water. They didn't have to go far and returned with two cases.
  • We slept in quite a bit today. I was awake by 8 and played on my phone until 9 when I started moving around. I got myself dressed before waking up the girls. Around 10:45, we headed to the car and met up with the Wilsons. (Yes, that hotel didn't have breakfast because they didn't get a shipment in-which really is a lousy excuse since you do pay extra for breakfast. I'm sure there is a Sams nearby.)
  • Our first stop this morning-well, really at 11;30 since it took that long to get to Fort Worth, was Joe T. Garcias for lunch. Let's just talk briefly about how large the place is. We have been there years before with the kids and ate in the main building. 
  • Today, however we walked through the main building to the large patio. I thought well, I don't really want to eat outside because it is cold, but the sun is out and there is heaters so I was fine with that. But we kept walking and walking to a huge atrium room. I swear that if 10 people were eating there today, there were 1000 folks eating lunch.
  • And lunch we did eat. Things are family style and as much as I encouraged Reagan to eat her dinner bill's worth, we just couldn't eat it all. We started off with salsa and then cheese dip. Then tostados and then tacos. That was all followed by enchiladas, rice and beans. There were also homemade corn tortillas on the table-Reagan ate one and said that it wasn't bad, but she did want some cinnamon and sugar to go on top. 
  • We ate and ate until we could eat no more. We left with a to go box of rice, a to go box of beans, and a to go box of guacamole. Back at the cars, the big boys headed with the Wilsons-their plan was to check into their hotel and then head to the game before us.
  • Our hotel was about 30 minutes from lunch, and we drove right there. This hotel has only been open a little over a week, so it is pretty swanky. We got our two rooms-yep, we are two room families now. This hotel was on points, so it is fine-but Robby and I still think that camper living is easier and is for us whenever we can.
  • After getting settled, we headed to Ikea which is less than 2 miles from here. Let me tell you, there must not be power outages, water shortages and a global pandemic happening here-because everyone was at Ikea. 
  • Of course, we found a few things-about a 100 dollars worth of stuff. We will have to ride back holding bags, but it was well worth it! We bought 4 shelves for the boys' room, Campbell bought a stuffed dog, Reagan found a coffee mug and a mirror, then were a few leashes, lint brushes and some water bowls. And of course we had to have some cinnamon rolls for later! 
  • After this, we drove all over Dallas looking for a place to wash the car. We found one, but the line was crazy. So we went to another place and did wait in that line. It didn't take long for Robby to wash the car and soon we were headed to meet up with everyone for the ball game.
  • The Hogs were supposed to start at 7-we arrived around 5, and I don't think that our game started until 8:30. That was all well and good because this Globe Life Field has is covered and the temperature was perfect. 
  • There was so much to see and do that the time did seem to pass quickly before our game started. We moved seats, so that took a bit of time to find seats. There were many Arkansas fans so the atmosphere was fun.
  • The game went on and on and on. We were behind, we were ahead, we were behind, we were ahead and on and on. Anderson, Graham and Campbell loved every minute of it. Reagan is not a baseball fame, but she likes for our team to win so she was interested in it. Keaton was a bit bored with it all. Whitman would go from being bored out of his mind to calling the Hogs and dancing to the music. 
  • Robby and I had stuffed our pockets full of snacks, but they did eventually run out. He left with the girls in search of food. He eventually did come back and spent almost as much as our lunch cost on this evening's supper-everyone had half of a coke, half of a bbq sandwich and some mac and cheese. It was plenty though since we were all still fullish from lunch. I will say that the verdict was mixed and half of the Dennies enjoyed their ballfield supper better than their Mexican lunch.
  • In the end around 12:45, the Hogs finally won the game. I am so glad that they didn't tie and have to go to overtime because my kids would have been disappointed if I made them miss overtime. I don't think that I would have done that-but maybe since it is now 2 and my room of girls are still awake and tomorrow will probably be a long baseball night too.
  • Now the game tonight was really fun-I am so glad that they won, but really, we already have gotten our baseball money worth so we could just skip out on tomorrow's game! Not really, we will be there wearing our red. So far the only big activity that I know of tomorrow is breakfast!..hope we wake up in time!

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