February 2, 2021

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  • My alarm was buzzing away this morning, but it didn't help me one bit since it was on silent! Ha! That was fine though because I still managed to wake up in plenty of time to start our school off. We did our morning reading before starting on individual work.
  • Bless Whitman's heart, he had the same amount of school work today as yesterday, but it took him twice as long. About the time that he had finished his school work, Keaton and I were cleaning the school room closet, and Whitman found the boys' old snap circuits. He played with those until it was super time.
  • Keaton spent quite a bit of time organizing today. She helped me with the school room closet. And she also worked on Whitman's desk along with some of Campbell's desk. I guess that I probably should start hiring her out!
  • Reagan spent most of her day at school. Her ride was even a bit late so she didn't make it home until after 4:30. When we called her down for supper, she was even starting to take a nap. I guess a full day of school wore her out.
  • Anderson and I worked on the Legos' today. We had been rebuilding sets pretty frequently last April and May. I am sure that we rebuild at least 10. For some reason we stopped, leaving a mess. Now, part of my motivation for cleaning up is the new puppy-but I sure do enjoy it too (Almost as much as Keaton.)
  • Graham took a long while on his school today. Math is giving him fits right now. I've learned that we have to take a step back occasionally and review and then move on-or he starts to loose it...which makes me start to loose it too.
  • Campbell did some painting today today, and she did very little organizing or straightening! Ha! That's my girl! 
  • We had some frozen pizzas for supper before all gathering in the bonus room to watch one episode of Keaton's new favorite show-The Brady Bunch. After watching one episode, we watched another episode before making cotton candy with Keaton, Campbell and Whitman's new cotton candy machine!

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