February 22, 2021-Snowy Baseball in Arlington and Welcome Home Bentley!

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Well, we have figured out the key to getting our kids to wake up early and leave a hotel by 8. It took us 15 years to find this out. If you are wondering the secret, it is reminding them that the sooner we get to Little Rock, the sooner we can pick up Bentley.

Graham had tried to take a shower in his room last night and didn't get any hot water. All I could think about last night while lying in bed was taking a hot shower. I text Robby after my alarm went off this morning, and he was quick to tell me that it did take a long while but he did eventually get hot water.

So as soon as I stepped out of bed, I turned the hot water on. I am not sure when it did get hot, but since I'm not paying that water bill, I was fine with letting it run. When I did finally check it, it was super hot and I was super happy!

We were ready, I think, before the boys, but they headed downstairs before us. Our hot hotel breakfast is still granola bars so my kids grabbed a few of those. Whitman did grab an apple. Graham took at least a box of granola bars in his pockets. 

We were pulling out of the parking lot by 8:01, and we were surprised that we never really got into any heavy Dallas traffic. There was traffic but for the most part it was not on our roads. It took about an hour, but we were soon at Buccees/

We do like us some Buccees-today Robby splurged and let everyone leave with something. Here's how that all went down-Robby-a pound of brisket for tonight's supper and a super large burrito for his breakfast, me-a cup of hot chocolate with a squirt of hot chocolate syrup in it, Reagan-a huge hoagie style sandwich, Anderson-candy coated cashews, Graham-a tub of Blue Bell ice cream, Campbell-a breakfast burrito, Keaton-trail mix and Whitman-a strawberry popsicle. 

Let's also discuss how most of my people grabbed things that I would have never expected. Reagan getting a hoagie sandwich? Anderson choosing nuts? I didn't even know that Keaton ate trail mix. And Whitman choosing a strawberry popsicle out of a store of options. Campbell and Graham's were the only expected purchases-a burrito and ice cream.

We were soon back on the road. We did make one stop at Walmart for Tony to buy Brett a cord to charge his computer since he is doing virtual school. And I ran inside to grab some buns for our supper tonight. And there weren't many buns to grab-I had already stretched to reach buns on a top shelf when I found my normal (cheap) package of buns and left the store with the last two that they had.

Reagan did her class on the car ride back. The rest of us would keep forgetting and would get a bit nosy. I was able to type some of the blog and read a few magazines as we sailed on down the interstate. We stopped another time for the bathroom and then once again in Benton to grab Anderson from the Wilson's car. 

Now this time, I needed the bathroom, but it was closed (water issues). That wasn't a big deal because we were just planning on going to the next gas station...which was also closed. Yikes! Thankfully, there was a car wash across the street, and we knew right where the bathroom was. 

From there, we were just a few minutes away from our life changing. We picked up our sweet Bentley Rose from Kathy-while Robby was signing papers, all of the kids had already had a turn holding the puppy. I took a few pictures-Robby said I couldn't take more pictures of the dog than of the kids.

On the ride home, we passed the puppy around like a hot potato. Everyone had a turn before we made it into the driveway. As soon as we made it in the driveway, doors were opening and people were piling out of the car. 

Our goal was to find the leash and take her to potty. Can you imagine being a Dennie dog and having 8 people watch you potty in the yard for the first time? She did potty, and we brought her in the house to explore. 

The rest of the afternoon and evening went something like this-we would be productive for a second and then we would sit around and look at the dog. When she did take a nap in the crate, Campbell and Graham stayed in the room with her to make sure she was good. 

We had our supper while she had a snack in her crate later in the evening. She doesn't really like her crate too much and was soon a wee bit upset. Hopefully, she quickly decides that she loves it-preferably before bedtime.

The plan is to watch tv in a little bit while playing with the dog. And really, Robby and I want to keep her up as long as possible so we can play with her some tonight after the dog hogs all go to bed!

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