February 12, 2021

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  • Whitman came in our room pretty early this morning. It was around 7-we could tell that he briefly did stop in the living room and turned on the heater before coming in our room. He must have been tired because he was soon back asleep...and stayed sound asleep in our bed until 10:30. He didn't even wake up when Graham came in looking for Whitman-I guess he wasn't in his bed, and he wasn't in his normal ipad watching spot so Graham was checking on his brother.
  • We didn't do any school today officially. Anderson had some to do to catch up, and Reagan had something she was supposed to do (but I am guessing she didn't.)  And I guess that I should have done Bible study with Keaton, Whitman and Campbell, but we will have to catch up and do that tomorrow.
  • I went upstairs around 11 to wake up Campbell just as she was coming out of her door. Today was her turn to do some cooking so she was happy to get started even before she had any breakfast. We baked a little bit-I will say baking with her is pretty easy. She does the work and I do the clean up just as soon as she finishes adding an ingredient.
  • Soon I was leaving the house with Graham, Anderson, Campbell and Reagan. Reagan wanted to go shopping at Target, Anderson needed to pick up his Valentine's Day present, Campbell never passes up an opportunity to spend money, and Graham never passes up an opportunity to leave the house.
  • The browsing at Target went fine. Graham found a Funko Pop which we bought and as we were in the car leaving, he realized it was broken-so we turned right around and returned that. Then Walmart-oh, Walmart. I went in with the intentions of spending about 25 dollars (Anderson's present, a few groceries, Valentine's day candy and a can opener.) Well, I left the store after spending 80 dollars-I guess it could have been a lot more since I refused to buy fried chicken at the cash register for Graham.
  • I had just shut my eyes to take a nap when my folks showed up to pick up the littles. Graham and I did run down the street with them for a second, before they left for some major cooking with Campbell, Keaton and Whitman.
  • Soon after that, I left with Graham, Anderson and Reagan to take them to church for their weekend retreat. I am not sure if you can call it a retreat since they aren't spending the night but they were there until 9:30 tonight and will be tomorrow as well,
  • We met the Wilsons to eat supper tonight-our first choice was closed so we ate Mexican which was pretty good-Robby and I had more leftovers than we actually ate. Then we topped our meal off with a cinnamon roll from Cinnaholics (not really that good, overpriced and not too friendly workers-skip it and go down the street to Cinnamon Creme.) Robby and Tony went next door to get some Cold Stone Creamery, and just as it always is-it was still good. 
  • We then walked around Walmart for a minute-the boys were oogling some grills. Then it was time to pick up our littles while Sara brought home the bigs plus a few extras.

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