February 17, 2021

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  • Another school day and another snow day. I will tell you this weather is crazy. I am loving every minute of it, though Robby is getting a bit stir crazy. Now that we are out of milk, I might be getting a bit stir crazy too-no milk means no homemade cinnamon rolls. (That's okay because I am can make them in a few days when this snow is all dried up.)
  • School was much more pleasant today than it was yesterday. Campbell is the only one who has been faithfully doing her zoom Bible study, but today she took a snow day and skipped. I was surprised that the kids didn't head outside earlier, but I guess the heavy snow falling delayed their plans for a little bit.
  • There was cake pop making and decorating by Campbell today along with another cake being decorated by Reagan. I had been waiting on them to clear the kitchen before I started on my cinnamon rolls, but they just never left so I ended up planning on doing it later-though I shouldn't have waited too long because the rest of my milk was used up with hot chocolate and snow ice cream.
  • I was taking a nap upstairs when the girls came bursting in the door telling us that Shannon and Brett were here. We knew they didn't drive but were surprised that they had walked the entire way here. 
  • All of my kids that weren't outside soon headed outside to play with Brett. It took me a while to convince Shannon to come in the house because I didn't want to put on another pair of pants and come out there.
  • They stayed for a good while. When they were ready to walk back home, Robby decided that he better take them. I drove with them along with the shovel in the back of the car just in case. We went slow and made it fine in the 4 wheel drive. But we did go slow-you wouldn't want to go much faster than that for sure. 
  • The snow was still falling when we made it home and started on our supper-chicken nuggets, hot dogs, fried potatoes, crackers and dip and heart shaped cake. We ate and ate and I even have some snow ice cream for later.
  • Whitman did take a 45 minutes shower tonight-I forgot that he was in the shower. Usually he gets out fine by himself, but I guess tonight he forget that he lives on land! I will hate to see our water bill this month! 
  • The plan is for another round of poker tonight-and then I'm headed to bed, this doing laundry all day long is tough work!

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