February 21, 2021-Snowy Baseball in Arlington

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It is currently 5:30, and I am already starting on the blog. I am struggling to keep my eyes open right now, and thought that since I had a minute at the hotel, I should type quickly so I would have less to type tonight. Hopefully tonight will not be as late as last night, but we have our beds ready and our pajamas ready here to help out some.

I woke right up at 8 this morning. After a few text to Robby, we found out that this hotel also did not get their breakfast truck in. So they had a table set out with granola bars which is well and good, but those granola bars weren't as appealing as the hot breakfast that the lady told Robby about when he checked in. Surely she knew they didn't have their truck in yet. And when I called last night at 2:30 and asked when breakfast was over, surely that lady had an idea that breakfast wouldn't be served in just a few hours.

That was fine because we can make Ikea cinnamon rolls multiply like fish and bread, and we fed the whole crew with 6 cinnamon rolls. Well, some didn't eat breakfast, and I am sure that some folks found a pop tart. So glad that I thought to pack those when I did my food packing. I was a bit worried about food shortages down here and brought enough peanut butter and tortillas to feed us for the week. We wouldn't be happy, but we wouldn't be hungry.

The kids slept and slept even after I went down to get my granola bars. I felt like I was being watched so I didn't load up my pockets with the bars and just got a few for me. The Wilsons came to our area of town for their Ikea trek.

Robby and I along with Campbell, Keaton and Graham went to meet up with them. Reagan was still snoozing, and Anderson and Whitman were playing their ipads. We quickly found them at Ikea and manged to buy a few more things-including a few more boxes of cinnamon rolls-you just never know when you will need them. And really, they are pretty delicious-sometimes they aren't really great, but these are.

The main reason that we were able to buy a few more things today was because we could actually see the stuff. Yesterday, the crowds were thick and it was hard to walk around. Today, there were about half as many people there.

After walking around Ikea, our next stop was back at the hotel to pick up the others. Then we ran to the gas station in the parking lot for a quick lunch and a fill up. Most folks chose pizza, Graham had a huge breakfast burrito, Reagan had a fruit bowl, and Robby and I had chicken and cheese flatbreads. It was all really good for a quick little lunch.

We then met the Wilsons at Top Golf. My boys have been wanting to go to Top Golf for a very long time. We seem to drive past them in every city that we go to just to tempt them. Today was the day! We had the bays for an hour and were able to hit about 20 balls apeice. 

It is like bowling and some how the balls mark where they go-there are flags which are the targets. So you receive a score if you hit near on of those targets. On my side, Robby was the big winner with Reagan right behind him. Reagan's swing wasn't pretty at all, but she figured it out enough to get her ball to go to the nearest hole and would receive points at just about every swing. Campbell was next with me close behind her.

Robby did take my last few swings-he enjoyed it as much as the big boys. Whitman manged to score a few points and so did Keaton. It was really fun, and I am glad that we were able to go. I am sure that now that we have the bug for Top Golf, we will go again sometime soon.

From Top Golf, we headed to the Fort Worth Stockyards for a little bit. The last time that we were there, the weather was crazy hot. This was perfect-almost a bit chilly for me, but warm for Robby. We were able to see some barrel racing, see the cattle walk down the street and even watch a gun show. 

It is a neat little area which was bustling with people. Now after the Stockyards, we had a dilemma-it was too early to get our supper and head to the ballgame. So we headed to the hotel for a few minutes. That is where I decided against a nap and for writing the blog, just in case it was another late night.

We didn't stay too long at the hotel-I didn't really get too far on the blog, but soon we were driving towards In and Out. I tell you, if I lived in Texas, I think that I would like to own a Whataburger or an In and Out. The lines around these places were wrapped around the buildings every time that we saw one (think ChickFilA).

The In and Out line was no different. We opted to try to eat inside and after waiting outside for a few minutes, we finally were able to go to the counter and order. As we waited on our food, we lucked out into finding a spot for all of us to sit. We ate our food-it was a pretty mixed vote on who liked Whataburger more and who like In and Out-but overall, we are definitely a hamburger family.

Our ball game tonight was supposed to start at 7, but I believe that we arrived at 7:30 with the game starting at 7:45. That was all perfect timing. The big boys were able to sit with the Wilsons closer to the front. We found seats a few sections over-there were less folks there tonight. Our section wasn't packed, and we had room to spread out-as in Keaton was able to do her coloring with out a problem.

I could tell that my big boys were certainly into the game, but really so was Campbell. Whitman would again for from very interested to oblivious to what was happening. He did enjoy shouting, "Go Hogs!" every once in a while. 

We took a while around the top level on the stadium around the time that the Hogs hit a home run and really increased their score. That seemed to happen quite a bit yesterday, so I figure that I might just be not so great luck. It is probably a good thing that I won't be there tomorrow for their last game.

The game went really quickly tonight-3 up and 3 down. It was great! And yes, the Hogs won. Now, there were a few fights that we couldn't see from our section, but the boys were able to see. When Graham was telling us all about them, he did add that he thought all the people involved had been drinking-so glad he can see that leads to nothing good.

It wasn't long before the game was over, and we were heading out-well over an hour earlier than the night before. At the hotel, we were all quickly changed to pjs and even had some ipad time before it was time to call it a night. I believe that plan is to rise early in the morning, so we will see how well that works out!

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