February 24, 2021

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  • Well, last night we slept more than the night before. Bentley only woke up 3 times, and one of those times could be considered to be in the early morning It was early morning, but I still was able to play with her after Robby took her out and still take a nap before waking the girls up this morning. Additionally, she whined quite a bit less during the night.
  • We didn't have much time to work together this morning, but we were still able to read our Bible chapter, history, science and one other little book. I am almost 3/4 finished with most of our books this year and am getting ready to finish them all so we can read a few fun things in the mornings.
  • School was fairly uneventful. Whitman didn't focus until I threatened to take away his ipad and put him at the kitchen table. Bless it. He can think of more things to do in the middle of writing one word-it is a wee bit frustrating. 
  • Bentley is still adding a little bit of excitement to school. She does have a decent little schedule-sleep, potty, play and repeat. Our in the house pottying seems to only be times when we were trying to take her to the potty or when she probably should have already gone. So that is where we are there-everyone still adores her, and we have even had fights and tears over who can take her to the potty.
  • For some reason, school didn't end for a while this morning. Reagan had a test on the computer that was causing her to panic. This caused me to be a little behind and it was almost one when I finished working with Campbell and Graham-and they are both the two that don't do the best working later. They like to finish early and start to get stressed if they feel "behind" (I am not sure who they are worried about finishing behind-most kids aren't done with school by 1 anyway.)
  • The Kamps came over to see Bentley for a little bit. She was awake for a little bit while they were here, but she also did a bit of sleeping too. The kids stayed until church time. I was about to walk on the treadmill when Anderson walked by saying that they were going to the bonus room. I took that as a sign from above-and just finished my Hallmark movie from my couch!
  • Soon it was time to get myself ready for church and feed all of these people their first Wednesday night meal. After church everyone usually needs another meal too. I have just snacked all evening long-I told Robby that more than any other night of the week, Wednesdays are the day that I really want a real meal to eat-not fast food, not leftovers, I want something real and warm.  And Wednesday nights, out of all of the nights of the week, are the nights that we don't ever have anything warm and real at all. 
  • After church, there were some games, some snacks, some basketball watching and even chores being done. Well, it is at least my plan to do some chores-I think that dishwasher is about finished so if I can unload that before morning, that greatly helps me out in the morning time.

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