February 18, 2021

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  • And another snow day! We did our school work this morning and pretty much most of our morning and early afternoon was uneventful. I was surprised that Campbell and Keaton didn't even head outside until fairly late in the afternoon.
  • I did my treadmill walk, and then I headed outside. By this time Campbell and Keaton were outside playing with the neighbor. I made all of the kids come outside ever so briefly just to take a few pictures. Graham and Anderson were just planning on staying outside a few minutes since they just wore shorts. And Graham, bless him, decided to wear flip flops to get to the tree line were I took their pictures. In the pictures it does look like he is about dying of frost bite-he probably lost a toe or two after walking through 15 inch snow in flip flops.
  • Campbell was working on a miniature snow man. Reagan even joined in on making a snow man. I worked with her for a little bit, but golly that was a lot of work. She eventually finished it, even though she wanted it to be much larger. It looked pretty good-though I am getting ready for this snow to begin melting.
  • We about had supper ready when Campbell, Keaton and Graham went out to play with the neighbors for a little bit. They were out for a good long while and came in fairly chilly-though oddly no one headed straight to the shower. 
  • It was really a fairly uneventful snow day around here-we didn't even bake anything. Well, Campbell made about 2 gallons of icing to decorate a tiny little cake. But other than that there was no baking. I did have to make another trip to the camper today to bring in popcorn-yesterday, we ran out of hot chocolate and had to run to the camper to get the extra. I even brought in mac and cheese but the kids were quick to remind me that we are still out of milk.
  • Our weekend plans are incredibly up in the air currently-we may leave tomorrow, we may not. I know I haven't packed a stitch though. I do know that our weekend plans do include a huge grocery order

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