February 28, 2021

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  • Probably having a dog helped us get to church on time this morning. She had slept until 6:30 which is probably too long for her to go all night without going to the bathroom, so she had wet her crate by the time that Robby put his shoes on to take her out. 
  • That was fine and easily cleanable. So the next activity was to keep her awake until we left for church, make cinnamon roll for the real children and to assure that all people were properly dressed for church-Graham wanted to wear his winter coat (it was 70 this morning), and Whitman has a tendency to forget his shoes.
  • I had nursery duty this morning so I missed church, but Robby said that there was even some confusion about how and why we got there so early. In my little class this morning, we had 4 little boys that cried the first 15 minutes. Soon everyone was calm, and the time went by quickly-not really though-the time drug! I kept watching the service on Facebook to see if they were almost finished.
  • We then ran home to get Ms. Bentley. I think that she had done pretty good while we were gone, but by the time we got back she was pretty upset. We were soon back in the car with her headed to Dana's house. There Bentley met Dana's dogs-Bentley so wanted to play with them, but one was scared of her and the other seemed a bit upset with her being there. 
  • Dana had a huge spread of food to celebrate Grannymom's birthday. We ate and ate and then watched Grannymom open her presents. After that, Grannymom had brought over some old photo albums that everyone enjoyed looking through. 
  • We came home, and after unloading and folding laundry, Robby and I laid down for a nap. Bentley was in her cage-doing a bit of whining-when Reagan came in and rescued her. So why we were sleeping, Bentley was playing, having sitting and shaking lessons, going outside to potty and snoozing-she was having a big ole time.
  • The Wilsons came over for supper so we chatted with them, until they had to go and pick Brett up from church. Then they came back over so Brett could play with the dog for a little bit. When they left though it was not even 9 so we had plenty of time to lounge around and do nothing for the rest of the evening-or maybe even watch a Hallmark movie!

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