February 27, 2021

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  • Bentley update-she only woke up at 6 this morning again when Robby had to go to the bathroom first. I didn't hear her fussing until Robby had gotten back in bed with her. I leaned up and asked if him if he wanted for me to take her out, and he replied that he just did.
  • That early in the morning, she was a little wide awake and refused to go to sleep. So Robby did get out of bed and play with her (I offered). They played hard with me snoozing and Campbell, who slept on our couch, snoozing as well.
  • Keaton and her buddies were up early-and as soon as we got out of bed, they were in our room ready to play with Bentley. They spent most of their morning playing with her-though they did make time to run an errand with me and to play a few games.
  • Keaton's buddies left around noon, so we pulled out our leftover pizza for our lunches. Robby turned on the Hog game and I pretty much went right to sleep. Well, it was the second half by the time that I got back from helping Reagan with some of her school work. 
  • After my nap, I made the first dessert of the day. As it was baking, I ran to pick up girls for the second nights of sleepovers. However, Robby had an oven mishap so the first dessert was deemed inedible except for us tonight for our dessert.
  • Soon after arriving home, we started on our supper. I was warming it up, and burned that too! Burned food was the theme of the day. However, the chili wasn't too bed-though Robby didn't like the big tomatoes and the onions weren't too cooked. It just wasn't our day in the kitchen! Ha!
  • Before supper started I did remake our dessert, which turned out better. Then we settled in for the evening watching some you tube videos. And let me talk for a minute about this dog-she has become a lap dog-whenever she gets sleepy, she manged to climb right in to some one's lap! We will soon have a 75 pound lap dog!

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