February 6, 2021

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  • This morning was kind of a bit crazy-everything happening at once. People were calling, people were leaving, people were texting and we were trying to make our grocery order at the same exact time. It all worked out though and soon our day had been planned for us.
  • I left first-well, actually Kennedy left first-then I ran out to go to a consignment sale with Jennifer. Robby reminded me that I have been to one when Reagan was just a baby or maybe even before she was born. But goodness gracious, I had never seen anything like it. This was just half price day so things had been well picked over.
  • However, I still left feeling good about our purchases. I left with 2-3 Build a Bear outfits, a sweater for Keaton, shoes for Whitman for much later and an ACT practice book all for 12 bucks. Keaton and Whitman are really the only ones who could wear any of the clothes there, and my people are really out of toys, but I did enjoy looking at everything. 
  • Meanwhile, the girls were at the house hanging out with Laynie and Camryn for a little bit before they went home. My boys were down the road helping Aaron. Robby had to be there at 11, and I think that the boys were a good bit of help-well, the big two were helpful. Whitman was living his best life jumping on the trampoline and chasing chickens with a stick.
  • When I came home, I grabbed Campbell and Keaton, and we headed to the Kamps for a few minutes. I didn't stay too long because it was chilly to me and I had nothing to do except watch the men folk work. I took Whitman home and left the girls there.
  • At home, Whitman had lunch-it was 1 or 2 by this time so he was hungry. Then I shooed him to the shower because he was pretty filthy. Meanwhile the others came in and all headed to the leftover pizza in the fridge.
  • I made sugar cookie dough for later in the week, and then Robby and I worked on his closet/pantry for a few minutes. Aaron dropped off Noah for the night, and when he left we went to town making potato soup. We few weeks ago while camping we made my dad's potato soup recipe. Tonight we made my grandmother's recipe. It was pretty good so we were pleased with it along with the cornbread that I made.
  • The Wilson's came over and hung out for a bit. We watched some camper shows. some cooking shows and they even helped with unload our grocery delivery. The delivery lady called Robby to ask where our driveway was. He went outside and couldn't see her down the street-she then said that she could see our camper....she had drive behind the house. Yep, behind the house-it is a wonder that she didn't get stuck or fall in a septic tank hole.
  • Since Noah was here the kids stayed up a little bit later. Whitman is sleeping in our room so Noah can have his bed-though I am not sure if Noah is sleeping in Whitman's fort or not! I had planned on watching some more cooking shows tonight, but I guess I will have to pass since Whit is still awake and really, a 7 year old probably shouldn't stay up until midnight-hope he doesn't snooze during church tomorrow.

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