February 23, 2021

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  • Let's see-I've never had a puppy so I really don't have an idea of what I should expect. It wasn't worse than I expected, yet it wasn't any better at all than I expected. We woke about 4 times to Bentley whining and crying. Robby would put on pants and a coat while I leashed her up. He would take her outside and each time she would potty.
  • Then she would come back into the house and pretty much go back into her crate. Then she would cry and whine for about 3 minutes before getting quiet and going back to sleep. Except the last time-she wanted no part in getting back into the crate. Once we put her in the crate, then she wanted no part in going to sleep and let us know all about it.
  • Robby eventually got up with her and played with her until Campbell and Keaton got up. Campbell eventually took over playing with the dog while Robby, Keaton and I slept for a few more minutes. That was probably the best part of the morning.
  • Soon it was school time. Robby was on a phone call so he couldn't dogsit for us. That was fine because she was already worn out from this morning's play time. She slept in people's laps while I read different books. They would pass Bentley around each time that I switched books.
  • School was crazy-not just kind of crazy, it was super crazy. People would stop what they were doing to play with Bentley, people would fuss about who was and was not playing with them, and some people (Whitman) weren't doing any school at all.
  • Whitman likes to do school like everyone else-all spread out around the house. However, he can't do that because he could sit around all day with math in front of him and never think of even picking up his pencil. He just does best when he is in the room with me so I can prod him every so often to stay on task.
  • Reagan went to Comm Central today. She seemed please that she did some homework during her study hall-sounded like that was the first time that she had ever done any homework then! Everyone joined me when we picked up Reagan.
  • Then we went to Nonna and Pops' house for a few minutes to let them see Bentley. Everyone was good while there-my folks ate lots of cookies and the dog didn't potty in their house so it was a win for everyone.
  • We came home for a few minutes before leaving again for a run to Grannymom's house. Keaton, Whitman and Graham joined us for this trip. We were gone for pretty much most of the night. After leaving Grannymom's house, Robby dropped me off at Walmart to grab some doggie shampoo. 
  • While I was there, he ran to Tacos For Life to get supper to take to some friends. After that, we picked up food for everyone in the car at ChickFilA. Then it was to Kroger to grab some milk for the house-we don't have any food here, but some milk will make most folks happy for another day or two.
  • When we came home, we crafted a sign real quick. The Kamps came down the road for a few minutes to pick up our sign, and then just at bedtime we decided to give the dog her first bath. She wasn't too much of a fan, but she doesn't smell like dog right now! Not sure how long that lasts-a few days? a few hours? just minutes?

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