February 7, 2021

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  • This morning before church I had time to fold the laundry and empty the dishwasher-those two things are a mark of a great morning. We were soon trying to find out spot at church. This week the Crafts took our spot, and we ended up in the balcony wings. I will say that sitting there kind of reminds me of going to church in Florida last February.
  • After church we headed to Nonna and Pops' house for lunch. Noah tagged along with us so the kids were happy to have a buddy with them. They showed him how to play the game 20 Questions after lunch today. Today I won by quite a bit! I usually don't do that great, but Keaton and I made a pretty good team.
  • On the way home, we dropped off Noah, and then Robby and I jumped into action. We made cheese dip and rice krispy treats with the help of Campbell. Then we rushed out to do some speed shopping. We had a few things to pick up at Walmart and even found a blanket for the puppy dog for a dollar!
  • Next up was meeting the Wilson's for some camper shopping-not camper shopping for us, but for them. We weren't able to get them to spend a lot of money today, but maybe soon. We shopped for an hour or so and walked into about 10 different campers and one we even saw 3 different times (It was actually my favorite.)
  • Once we returned home, Robby started on my dessert for tomorrow while I worked on boiling an egg. Well, I did more than that, but yep that was about all that I finished. We were soon leaving for head to our Super Bowl party.
  • The Kamps had tacos, and we brought cheese dip. Aaron had lots of games to play and prizes to win. I sure didn't win anything-well, I did win a pack of gum (I don't chew gum.) We even played a few board games while watching the game. 
  • We stayed until the end of the game. Then we came home and started cooking again. Robby worked on the dessert some more (one more step left to do tomorrow) while I cooked some meat. Soon the kids were heading to bed and I was working on the blog and catching up on some youtube watching.

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