February 9, 2021

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  • School was fairly usual this morning. As soon as we were finished reading, Reagan busied herself getting ready for school. Robby dropped her off around 10:30. She has two classes today, but she enjoys staying all day.
  • Whitman finished his work a bit before noon only leaving Graham still working. His math is taking him forever right now. I actually enjoy his math now, but he would feel completely opposite. 
  • When I did finish all of my school work, I pulled out everything we needed to roll out our sugar cookies that we made earlier in the week. Graham, Campbell and Keaton all helped roll out the dough. We ended up making almost a hundred heart shaped cookies. 
  • The girls and Whitman did their Bible study, and then I worked n mine. Afterwards, Keaton and I worked on the upstairs attic. It is a mess-like just open the door and throw stuff in it mess! We did get half of the attic fairly organized. 
  • I had intended to work on the attic all week long, but the upcoming chilly weather has caused me to want to finish earlier in the week before I have to wear a parka to work up there. I also wanted to work on the Legos some more this week. However, the Legos are pretty good-so probably just working on some would mean building some more with Anderson. I am okay with that, but I am not sure if he would want to do that!
  • I did walk on the treadmill for a bit before hoping in the car to go and get Reagan. She was ready and waiting when I pulled up. Actually, she had been waiting since I left the house. Her class was out early, but she didn't mind waiting too much since I bought her some fries and a shake on the way home.
  • Once at home, Campbell, Keaton and I iced the cookies. We just dipped the cookies in red, pink or white icing, and they were pretty yummy looking. Soon the Hogs were on, and we were pulling out everything from the fridge for supper. 
  • Most everyone found something. I didn't get in the kitchen early enough to get a roll, but I did have a pretty great salad-more toppings that lettuce! The kids cycled through the showers this evening after the game-tomorrow is our Valentine party and church so everyone needed to smell decent!

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