February 25, 2021

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  • Bentley had a wonderful night last night-she went to sleep pretty hard at 10 so we didn't wake her up. She, however, woke us up at 4 in the morning. That was really wonderful. She woke up again at 7 so we really couldn't ask for anything else at all.
  • And I know by saying this, she will be completely horrible tomorrow-but she is really doing good. She goes to her kennel and lays down and will fall asleep. She even will walk to her pillow in the living room and lay down for a little bit. She has started to interact more with us and will even just sit down and watch the madness. 
  • Now the pottying has been decent-we have had accidents of both kinds today. However, she has done wellish. She is just a wee bit unpredictable even when we go out right when she wakes up and right after she plays each time. We will figure it out-and hopefully she will too.
  • I know that Robby and I are a bit more tired the past few days because of the middle of the night potty trips (for the dog-we are used to our own middle of the night potty trips). I am not sure though why our children are so tired though. At 8:50, I had to go around the house waking people up. Of course starting school this late means that we can only do our basics when it is time to work together which makes me a bit sad (but finishing school on time makes me happy.)
  • Whitman was focused today and finished by 11:30. Campbell had a bit extra so it took her longer. Graham has been having a hard time with his math, but I figured him out-if I give him less to do, he isn't overwhelmed and does a better job with it so that is what we will be doing for a while.
  • Keaton was finished first-since they can work ahead, all Keaton had was math and working with me. Anderson is enjoying some easy math which helps him finish sooner. Reagan had one class early this afternoon, but did manage to do more of her work here. However, she does have an essay to write before Monday-yikes!
  • I ran to the grocery store after dropping Reagan off at her class. It is strange-there used to be a rotel shortage, now there is tons of that, but no tomato sauce. I was able to get most of what I needed-though I am pretty convinced that Walmart is quite a bit cheaper (except for sale items.)
  • I ran home to pull out school for the crew and do Bible study with Keaton and Whitman. Then it was to the pregnancy center for a few hours with Keaton. She was happy to help today-we filled bag after bag of diapers before working on folding up clothes. This was Campbell's turn to go today, but she opted to stay home instead-I think she was trying to get more Bentley time in.
  • When we came home, we were soon working on supper. We had brought home leftover rice and beans from Texas, so those were our sides tonight with some chicken and cheese quesadillas. 
  • After supper, I played Catan with Keaton, Whitman, Anderson and Campbell. It was quite interesting-Campbell didn't want to play and was ready to quit, Keaton and Anderson were in the battle for the lead and Whitman, bless him, was paying attention well at first, but soon lost interest. Anderson did win eventually which was good because the game had lasted for a good little bit.
  • Robby made some corn flake cookies tonight that we ate as I worked on the blog. My next order of business is to do some reading. I have two books that I would someday like to finish.

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