February 1, 2021

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  • It was kind of an odd day around here. Since Campbell and Keaton were at their sleepover this morning, we didn't do our normal work together stuff. That meant that everyone started on their school work about 30 minutes earlier than usual.
  • This meant that by 11, even Whitman was finished with his school work. I started working on cleaning up the school room. That is my main goal this week along with organizing the legos. I'm trying to get rid of a few things and get this place dog friendly. 
  • And really, there are so many things that Robby and I said that we would never do and just about all of those we are now doing-we said we wouldn't have a ton of kids, we said we wouldn't homeschool, we said we wouldn't have a camper, we said we wouldn't have an inside dog-and now look-house full of kids, homeschool, a camper and a dog coming. 
  • We played a game pretty much as soon as the girls came home from their party. Then there was some chores happening around here-vacuuming, organizing Whitman's desk, still putting away some Christmas presents, washing sheets and even more work on the school room.
  • All of that was done, and I still had time for a nap. Actually, I was waiting to use the treadmill and went upstairs to shoo Robby out of the bonus room. He didn't take my hint to leave so I just took a nap up there. 
  • After my nap, I did walk on the treadmill and I think that Robby enjoyed my Christmas movie. Hmm. I still have half to finish on that movie and I guess I will tonight. For supper, we worked on the fridge-basically, everything was pretty old so luckily we were left with enough spaghetti for supper. I made some cheese toast to help stretch things out and all left full.
  • We plan on making some cookies later tonight, but that might mean that Robby and I will have to get out of our comfy chairs. 

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