February 8, 2021

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  • Mondays are pretty crazy days around here and today was not any different. We started school pretty much on time. Things went pretty well today. And an update, I have been doing Whitman's spelling book with him. It will take up absolutely forever to finish it, but we are doing it.
  • Reagan was busy all day with her stuff. I will say that Algebra 2 is kicking our butts! We will get it figured out though, and that will make me happy! I just don't remember math as well as I should, or maybe this is all the new math. 
  • When we did finish school, I went to town working. I had the homeschool moms over for Jennifer's baby shower, so the first order of business was cleaning the house. At 1:15, the kids had to report downstairs and everyone went to work. Of course there was lots of complaining about no one even going upstairs and no need to clean their bedrooms-but that is one of my favorite parts since now the whole house is cleaned....even upstairs.
  • I worked all day on getting salad and baked potatoes toppings-I should list all of the toppings that I had, but I am too tired. I did have it all though and it was worth all of the chopping, pouring and stirring that I did. 
  • Robby helped make our dessert for the evening-a three layered brownie which was delicious. So yes, the whole crew worked all day long on getting ready for this evening. Anderson and Graham did have a little bit of a break when they went to their D group at church.
  • Soon though folks were arriving, and Robby and the kids were headed out the door with their pot of chili. They hung out at the Wilson's house for the evening. Keaton was in heaven because she was able to help Shannon do some organizing.
  • I think the shower people all enjoyed themselves and had a good time. The food was all good, and the conversations was even better. The girls stayed until after 10, and Jennifer left with a trunk full of diapers. 
  • The kids and Robby came home just as everyone was about to leave. The kids were fairly quiet as they came in! Once everyone left, Robby helped me clean up and soon the house was neat and clean, but the laundry basket and dishwasher are all running over!

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