February 5, 2021

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  • No school Fridays are my favorite day of the week (well, next to Thursdays.) I had a huge list today, and everyone worked pretty hard to help me knock it out. 
  • We have a Valentine's Day party scheduled so everyone had to work on their Valentines. Keaton and I finished the school room closet. And I even did some work on the Legos all by myself...and would you guess what I heard this evening: 
  • The sound of Lego's dumping.  I rushed into the mud room while shouting, "What's that sound?" It was Reagan and she promised that she would clean it up-apparently, she was building something. Now, she did clean it up fairly well, but not like I would have liked. Oh, well I plan on working on it some more tomorrow.
  • I have a few more things on tomorrow's list-but my main goal is life is for the whole house to be clean at the same time. I just don't think that is ever going to happen though.
  • I did run to Walmart with the boys and Campbell and Keaton. Whitman was not too happy to be in the store, so he was the keeper of the list and would tell me how many things we had left. We were honestly in the store for less than 30 minutes so he had nothing to complain about at all.
  • We found some jeans for Keaton and some Valentine's day presents for most everyone else. Then we headed to Nonna's house for a few minutes. It just so happened that she had just returned from the cookie lady's house with fresh cookies when we showed up. I am not sure how that happens but we have done that on more than one occasion.
  • We stayed there for a bit and then as we were about to leave-Graham decided that he needed a rotary phone lesson. It took all of us to realize out that the old phone couldn't dial out anymore. But we did enjoy watching the kids try to figure out how it worked.
  • Once at home, I didn't have much downtime because soon Kennedy was arriving to spend the night as she does almost weekly. Then Laynie and Camryn came-along with their folks. Robby ran to get pizza while the grownups went to eat out.
  • Our reservations were for 8:30-that was as early as we could get it. We thought that we might could get in a bit earlier, but that didn't work at so we were eating late like city folks. The cornbread and the menu were the best things on the menu that we had. Now, my red beans and rice was good, but not incredibly flavorful. And Robby's mac and cheese was not much better than a box. The conversation was still good, and we still thoroughly enjoyed our evening.
  • We made it home around 10, and the kids were still going strong. Anderson convinced Graham around 10:30 to go outside and play basketball. I think that my upstairs crew is getting ready to head to bed and hopefully the other group will soon as well.

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