June 10, 2023-Camp and Camping for all the Dennies

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This morning started with some pretty good rain and thunder which scared Bentley. She hopped in our bed pretty quickly and shoved her head up near our heads. Then this morning we all woke up early. Graham was taking a shower while Robby and I were still laying in bed, and Reagan was texting me about a suitcase way earlier than she usually wakes up.

The kids were anxious to get to church so they could get to camp, and Robby was anxious to get on the road so he could beat the rain. Robby was the first one to leave the house with Keaton and Whitman. Both of them were anxious to get into the camper.

Robby almost made it to Lake Degray before he hit the rain. He said that it rained pretty hard on them for a good ways. By the time that he made it to the campground, it did stop raining and he was able to dump without getting wet.

However, he found our site (not the one he thought it was), and by this time the rain had begun again. The site was incredibly muddy, and he couldn't get the power to work. He was a wet, muddy mess! He did use Andrew's car to go down to the office to see about chaning spots. So they put us in a spot up the hill for tonight, and then we will move to Andrew's spot tomorrowm and be next to Traci.

At 11:30, Reagan, Anderson, and Graham left for camp. They were so excited to leave that they didn't even fuss about taking a picture before they got into the car. That just left Campbell and I at home. We sat in the living room without any lights on-she was watching tv and I was reading. Soon we realized that it was dark-that is when the storm came through.

Campbell and I both found blankets, so I did set my alarm just in case we fell asleep. Well, I did fall asleep, but Campbell sure did not. At the last minute, we were both scurrying around the house-folding towels, adding things to her bag, and grabbing drinks for the road.

When I went to church, I walked in with Campbell and turned in her form. Then she left-I was able to briefly say bye before she walked away. My people don't seem to mind leaving on a trip! So I climbed in the car, turned on my book and headed to Lake Degrey.

I fought the rain some, but it wasn't ever horrible thankfully. When I showed up, the kids were all out playing. We sat outside for a bit-I guess the rain has made the weather so very pleasant. Tonight, I needed a jacket and leggings (more the pants so I didn't get bit). 

Whitman and Keaton have ridden bikes, caught fireflies, walked on trails, and played with friends. We did drive to a trail head and walk on it. I wanted to walk on 12 trails this year as part of my New Year's resolution. Well, the quarter mile trail today was the first one that I have done. 

Robby made hamburgers for supper tonight. They were pretty delicious. I guess I did have a hamburger last night too for supper, but eating a hamburger while camping is different than a hamburger in a restaurant. 

We spent most of the night sitting with the adults visiting while the kids played around. There were quite a few fireflies out tonight which was neat-not nearly as many as the Smokies. So far, this has been a pretty perfect day-even with all of the rain. 

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