June 6, 2023

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  • Day 2 of Camp Geyer-we left right on time this morning. The goal was to leave at 7:50, and we did. Weeks like this also remind me why we do not go to real school-we would not be able to do it. Actually, we could; our lifestyle would have to be quite a bit different though. 
  • We were at church in plenty of time this morning for Keaton and Whitman to help me get a few things ready. I am sure glad that they, especially Keaton, enjoy helping prepare things.
  • Everyone is still having a great time this week. It is just so good for the big 4 to be able to help this week-I enjoyed watching Graham keep his kids in line this morning. And I sure did put Reagan to work heating up our pizzas during my cooking track.
  • Robby picked up our lunch today, and then met me at church. He left his car with Anderson who had a Collide meeting this afternoon. Their meeting was pretty short, so Anderson was home fairly early.
  • Reagan left as soon as we came home so she could go to work, and I headed to the pool with Whitman, Campbell and Keaton.
  • We stayed there and swam for 3 hours. The kids enjoyed staying-I enjoyed some quite time with my book and some chatting time with the other mommas. 
  • When we came home, I worked on a shirt with Anderson. Then it was time to leave again-Campbell had a Collide meeting. Robby, Keaton and I took her there-we did stop at Newks for a quick bite to eat. Then we ran into Kroger and Walmart before picking up Campbell. 
  • I worked on some shirts, and then I joined the others on the couch to watch a tv show before putting the kids into bed. 

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