June 25, 2023-Petit Jean 2023

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The morning started off with Bentley licking my face. She does this on the mornings that she wakes up before Robby and I when she decides that she is ready to go to the living room. She wants me to open the bedroom door so she licks my face-of course I have to be sleeping on the edge of the bed for her to get to me which is probably a good reason for me to start sleeping closer to Robby. Because when a dog licks your face at 6 in the morning, it takes a little bit of time to go back to sleep.

The kids woke up fairly well this morning-well, I did have to go upstars twice with Robby going up another time. Reagan did tell us that she had a fright in the middle of the night when she came down for water. She heard Bentley's new water bowl which sounds like a fountain in the corner and thought the house had sprung a leak. She didn't see the new water bowl when she came in last night so she was quite surprised by all the noise it was making.

Though I don't know how the kids can hear anything when they come downstairs in the middle of the night-their main goal is to get water. The open the fridge and then fill their water bottles with ice-but they do none of this quietly. You can not imagine how loud ice can be at midnight, 1, 2 and 4 in the morning.

We all went to Sunday school and then to church. Campbell and Reagan sat upstairs for the service. During the sermon, Reagan text me to tell me that Hughey's sermon sounded like a Dave Ramsey video. The boys later agreed which means they are listening to something on those videos!

At home, we didn't have too much time before we had to leave again. Keaton and Whitman headed off to Impact at 3. This is their mission trip/camp for 3rd through 5th graders. They are staying and working at the Arkansas Baptist Children's Home in Monticello. This is their second year to go there.

Of course, Keaton has been so excited, but Whitman is a little bit harder to read. When we did get there, he finally said something that made me think that he was excited. He was determined to carry most of his things himself-a suitcase, backpack and bedding. Of course, bedding is so much to carry-a sleeping bag, an air mattress and a pillow is a lot even though it is packed in bag. We have seen a few pictures from them, but not too many yet, but I am sure that they are both having a good time. 

After Robby and I dropped off Whitman and Keaton, we drove on to Petit Jean. We found our campsite and backed in. Robby had just about hooked everything up when we received alerts on the phone encouraging people to seek shelter due to 3 inch hair. A camper and hair do not mix so we were a bit stressed.

Thankfully, we didn't get any hail. We did get a good storm and a bolt of lightning and thunder that was so loud that Bentley, Robby and I all jumped. The power at the campground went out and stayed off until the Wilsons arrived near 9. No power is fine for us-turn on the generator and it is life as normal.

The Rock Creek goers went to church tonight with Brett. I had urged them to make supper and see if Brett wanted any, but when I text Reagan about what they ate for supper, I was told that they were eating spaghetti at Brett's house. They stayed and played until almost 10. 

We had supper for the Wilson's when they arrived here. Now, in between storms, we thought we had enough time for Robby to grill the hamburgers. We set up the tent and he went to work. The burgers were about half done but the wind was blowing so hard and the lightening was starting up again, that we abandoned the grill. By the time we made it inside we were drenched. We probably could have finished, but I told Robby that I had no intentions of standing outside holding the metal tent so it didn't fly away.

Despite the difficulty cooking the burgers, they were still delicious-or maybe we were hungry-or maybe it was the fancy buns we had. Plus we had chips, salsa, cheese dip, baked beans and Shannon's cheese ball. After eating, we went to their house and played Yahtzee before a walk around the loop and bed!

Well, not really bed yet. Robby is taking a shower, and I am going to take one next-then I hope to be awake for a little bit of reading before I do go to bed!

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