June 12, 2023-Camp and Camping for all the Dennies

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Even though this day had plenty of rain, we still got all the major lake day items marked off of the list: swimming at the lake, bike riding, and campfire. What more could we ask for?

But let's begin with the middle of the night. I had drank about 10 water bottles yesterday, so I was up about every hour going to the bathroom. One of those trips, I saw Whitman's hand was hanging off the loft bed that he was sharing with Owen.

I shoved him away from the edge and went back to sleep-until I heard a kerplunk. I found him still in his sleeping bag, but on the floor. I asked, "Buddy, what did you hit?" He groggily replied, "the floor." I asked again while touching his head and back but received the same reply. I figured that he was ok enough to crack a joke, then I didn't have to worry if he was hurt.

He did crawl back onto the couch and not loft bed and slept soundly for the rest of the night. Owen and Whitman were both sound asleep when Robby and I got up to get ready to take Bentley on her morning walk.

The weather was very overcast this morning, but after a bit we decided to load up and head to the lake. Now, by the time we had loaded everything up, it was sprinkling. It continued to sprinkle as the kids played in the water. 

With the rain and wind, it was chilly. I had on my jacket and started in a chair watching the kids, but soon ended up in the car. They played in the water for more than an hour despite the rain. When they did come out of the water, they were all freezing. 

We went back to the camper were Whitman showered and we turned on the heater. Keaton went to Traci's camper and stayed there while Traci had to run home to pick up something. We had our lunch, and then I read until it was my naptime. I slept until it stopped raining.

When it did dry up a bit, we took Bentley on another walk. Then Robby and I sat outside until I played a few games of baggo with the girls. Whitman was itching to make a fire again (this is the most fires we have ever had camping), so we gathered wood. Of course most everything was wet, but Whitman and Robby were able to get a pretty decent fire-it lasted long enough for us to eat by it, make s'mores and sit for a bit.

Tonight, it was a bit after 9 that we cleaned everything up and came inside. That is an early night for camping. We were able to do some straightening in the camper. Keaton is sleeping next door so Whitman is all alone tonight. He is sleeping in the loft bed again, but this time, we will add a few pillows so he doesn't fall out!

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