June 15, 2023

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  • Campbell had signed up to work Rock Creeks VBS today and tomorrow so she was out the door this morning at 7:20 thanks to Layne and Brett. Robby was already at his Dgroup at ChickFilA with some guys. I jumped up a little bit before 7, but before I could turn off my alarm clock, Campbell had already text me that she was awake.
  • I still did get up to make sure that I heard her moving around upstars. While she waited on her ride, I did the dishes and started on the laundry. When Campbell did leave, I tried to lay back down. I knew I wouldn't be able to go back to sleep, and I was not which meant that I just got up and started on my list.
  • By 11, most everyone else here had woken up. None of the kids were moving to quickly at all today. I am not even sure that anyone finished their school and few chores that they have each day. We will have to do better on that stuff next week because after that, the kids will be gone for the next 3 weeks...and then it will be just about school time for the crew.
  • The big activity this afternoon was cleaning and putting the clean things back in the camper. Cleaning the camper is a task that I dread; however, it takes about 15 minutes to clean that thing from top to bottom. 
  • Tomorrow I will restock it with all of the things that we used up while on the trip. I enjoy this chore much more than cleaning.
  • When we finished, I wasn't able to get anyone to go to Defy, so instead Robby and I left the house and spent some money. Our first stop was Costco were we bought a standing freezer for the garage. Then it was on to Academy, Kohls and the Nike store looking for a specific pair of socks for the girls. We also stopped at Kroger and Sams on our outing, and surprisingly we were only gone for a little over 2 hours.
  • We also through in a stop at Sonic on the way home-this was so we could properly bribe the kids! We had them all come outside to help us with moving around most of the shelves outside to make room for the freezer.
  • Everyone helped so things went smoothly. This still took a while, but by 9 most folks were finishing with their suppers (pizza, fish sticks, edemame, corn bread, fetticini alfredo, and salad-quite the buffet tonight). I am finishing the blog and with the three littles and Robby watching a tv show before bedtime.

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