June 8, 2023

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  • There were 10 people in my van this morning on the way to Camp Geyer. I had told everyone that we needed to leave at 7:40, but my real goal was 7:50 so when we did leave about 8 minutes later than planned, we were still early.
  • Keaton and her friends helped gather my ingredients from the fridge for me. I then put Whitman and his buddy to work counting out cups for me to fill with garlic powder, cheese, and pizza sauce.
  • I watched some of the opening before going down to our class. Soon it was time for our group to come. We made our garlic bread and mini pizzas, and as soon as everyone was out the door, we started cleaning up our messy room.
  • Robby helped me load up the car with all of my things, and then we met the kids down in the pit. Lunch was hot dogs, chips and snow cones. Whitman was happy to eat my snow cone as well as his own-I think that he loves snow cones as much as his dad.
  • Reagan went to work after the picnic, and then this evening she went to a freind's house to do some more Collide planning. Graham went to play basketball again tonight at Rock Creek-he even managed to eat supper at Texas Roadhouse with all of the people that he was with. Anderson could have gone, but he skipped out. Anderson never naps, but today he took a nap and thought it was the next day when he woke up. 
  • Robby and I went to Sams and Walmart this afternoon. We were trying to buy some things for our camping trip plus there was a list of things for the camp going kids. Now, tomorrow morning I am planning on making another run to the store to pick up more camp things.

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