June 22, 2023

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  • Day 198 (or so it seems) of cooking camp. I was talking and possibly a bit exhausted on our drive there this morning causing me to miss the entrance so we had to circle around. That was fine though, and we were back with just a few minutes. 
  • The kids at camp have a pretty big breakfast each morning, but my Keaton and Whitman don't eat too much. Keaton opted out of the breakfast casserole today while Whitman just chose grapes. 
  • Today they made home made pita bread (Whitman made a ton which he even used to make a homemade pizza tonight). They also grilled chicken and made taziki sauce. All of today's food has already been eaten.
  • This afternoon I mostly napped instead of being productive. I was able to finish a few things off of my list, but my list is getting shorter but also a bit harder to mark off. I did start on making some maniotti to freeze before our trip.
  • This evening the big 4 went to Raymar to hang out with the youth group. They hung out playing kickball for about 2 hours before coming home. While they were gone, Keaton made cookies at home since her and Whitman were home alone.
  • Robby and I went with the Wilsons to help them do some of their beach camp shopping. It was lots of fun watching them fill their buggies. We filled up their van with all of their purchases and the little bit that we bought.
  • When we made it home, Robby and I had supper beore settling on the couch to watch one tv show before bed.

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