June 3, 2023

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  • I am not really sure whta time we did get out of bed this morning. Campbell had already made a few dozen muffins for everyone else that was awake and cleaned up by the time we did start our morning.
  • After I did a few of our chores, I decided that I would try walk Bentley since it was kind of cloudy. Thankfully, it wasn't too sunny and hot, so we were able to walk a good bit while I listened to my book. Though I think that Bentley may not like me listening to my book because without my book, I probably talk to her a bit more.
  • When I came back home, I left with Campbell and her friend to go and pick up Keaton. Then we went to Target because Campbell wanted to walk around.
  • And walk around we did and walk around and walk around. I do believe that I spent the least amount of money-all of the girls spent more that I did.
  • We dropped off Campbell's friend on the way home, and when we did make it home, Robby was still outside cleaning his shed. I eventually helped him work on the garage, but I did spend most of the afternoon working on the pantries.
  • Robby and I picked up pizza this evening-it took a little longer than it should, but we did get a free pizza out of it. After eating, we played the third round of our Monopoly game. Anderson is just about out of the game. I did buy some property from him, so I might possibly have a chance if I can hang on long enough to buy some houses.  Monopoly is a game that I really don't like-I am more of a short game player.
  • And right now, this is what is happening-Keaton is running around the house wearing my watch so I can reach my activity goal which will help me reach my monthly goal. And yes, I am sitting on the couch tying my blog and eating ice cream. Yep, that is how we roll around here.

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