June 23, 2023

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  • This morning was the last morning of cooking camp. I did have to wake up Keaton and Whitamn up, but they did wake up pretty quickly for me. 
  • While they were at camp, I finally walked on the treadmill this week. That made my watch happy. I even had time to make manicotti for while we are all gone. Making manicotti, for me, is like eating chips and dip-you have too much dip or too many chips and things never come out equally. Today, I had to make more pasta shells to finish my filling. 
  • Campbell and Robby joined me to pick up Keaton and Whitman today from their cooking camp. Each group had a table full of sample sized treats to enjoy-salad and steak, chicken and rice, all kinds of bread, peanut butter balls, cookies, cupcakes, veggies and so many more things. 
  • We made lunch out of the visit, and then headed home. On the way, I had asked Whitman what they enjoyed more-Camp Geyer or Cooking Camp. They both agreed cooking camp to which I was a little bit surprised. Whitman's teacher came up to me and asked if he had enjoyed it. She was so nice and even brought him his leftover food from today.
  • Honestly, I can't remember what we did this afternoon. Oh, wait, it is coming back to me. Keaton, Campbell and I went to Sams to pick up a few shirts for Robby. Then we went to Walmart to grab a few more things off of the list. (Of course the list right now is just as long as what it was when we went to the store.) 
  • Campbell has been wanting a new Bible for a good while-even though she did just get a new Bible last year. Anyway, who can say not to a new Bible, so we bought her one at Mardels and had her name put on it before meeting Robby at Costco.
  • We grabbed a few things at Costco and filled up both cars with gas. Then I hurried home so Anderson could have a car to go and meet some friends at Freddys and then go swimming at someone's house. 
  • Reagan, I assume, is still having a great time at the beach-fishing, go carts, the beach, the pool-I haven't yet heard from her today though. 
  • We tried pizza from the new restaurant down the road: Joshs's (nope, I didn't mispell it-that is what the sign says.)  It was decent, but the fries remain exceptional. Graham said that the little restaurant should really sell some milkshakes. I agree wtih that for sure.
  • Robby and I are watching Castaway-Whitman stayed with us, but he is mostly watching his ipad instead of the movie-though I am actually looking away during a good bit of it. 

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