June 14, 2023-Camp and Camping for all the Dennies

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There was quite a bit of rain, and possibly hail, last night, but that was wonderful for us since we have been sleeping perfectly well on our new camper mattress. Also we think that our new camper mattress is what caused Whitman to fall off of the top bunk the other night. We had moved our old mattress to the top bunk since it fit there fairly well. However, it does hang off just a little bit so possibly that is what helped him roll on off. Though tonight Whitman was convinced that he rolled off of the couch and not the loft-maybe he did hit his head!

Also another fact about our new camper mattress-I'm going to have to get a stool to get into the bed. Last night I tried 2 times to get into bed and finally had to grab a hold of Bentley's leg to help pull myself into the bed. The mattress had gotten a bit scooted so it was hanging off the bed about an inch so when I put my new on it, it just sunk which didn't help me climb out. I thought briefly that I was going to have to give up and go and sleep with Whitman-but I was worried about falling off of his bed.

There wasn't a whole lot that we did today. Robby and I did take Bentley on a walk this morning. When we came back, Keaton had returned from Traci's camper. We started loading up and within 25 minutes we were on the road. Whitman was still seeping soundly when Robby pulled out.

I was in the minivan so I headed on towards home. We both had to fight traffic the entire way home causing our trip to be well over an hour. My plan was to stop by the church before the kids made it home from Collide and put their phones in the car so I could track them on their way home. However, the church vans took a detour and beat me back. I stayed around for a bit but only saw Reagan and Campbell so I headed on home.

When I came home, Robby already had the first 2 loads of laundry going. We have washed probably 10 loads of laundry this afternoon and evening. This afternoon was fairly quite-Anderson and Graham both had naps. This is the second nap that Anderson has taken since he has been 5.

We ate supper at Nonna and Pops' house tonight. Robby picked up pizza, and Nonna had made a candy bar cake. We ate and hung out for a little bit before coming home. The boys have woken up a little bit and are playing on their xboxes while some of us are all downstairs watching one tv show before bed. 

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