June 21, 2023

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  • Day 3 of cooking school. I felt like Keaton might have had a cold/felt bad yesterday, so I doped her up last night. This morning, however, she was feeling just fine though I am the one now trying to not get her cold.
  • Whitman is usually super hard to wake up in the mornings, but the last few mornings he had gotten up without too much prompting. Now, it is getting more difficult each day though. I don't have to walk inside to check in, but Keaton told me that she wanted me to today so that is what we did.
  • When I went in to pick them up, neither one of them were there. I eventually found them through a window-they were both working hard. Little Whitman was wearing his apron and finishing his task.
  • Keaton was with her group, and they worked until after 12:05. When they did finish, they both came out with their hands loaded down. We went to Nonna and Pops' hosue to start sampling today's food.
  • They had made gnocchi with pasta sauce along with foccacia bread. Since they are in different groups each of their food tastes a little bit different. All of the food from today was really good. When we came home, Robby was cooking some meat on the gridle, and he even heated up Campbell some steak from Keaton and Whitman's meals yesterday.
  • Other than cooking school, and my one errand to Lowe's to pick up one more brick to complete our last night's project, there wasn't much that happened today. I intended to walk on the treadmill, but I never got that far. I did take Bentley on a walk, but that wasn't the treadmill.
  • This evening, Keaton and Whitman had their Impact meeting since they leave for camp on Sunday. This meeting also came with a packing list so Keaton just brought her completely packed suitcase down to sit by the door. 

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