June 28, 2023-Petit Jean 2023

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On the day that we go home from a trip, Robby and I are always focussed on getting home. This morning was no different probably because we knew that we had a big day ahead of us. We had intended to wake up at 8 and leave at 9, but we were up around 7 and left around 8.

The drive home didn't take any time at all. Even though we stopped to get gas, we were still home and had the camper unloaded before any of the kids woke up. Robby was on a phone call in the mud room and that did wake Campbell up-just enough for her to text me to ask if she could turn off her alarm. Her alarm was set just in case they had to go and pick up Keaton and Whitman.

I was actually able to unload the camper and completely clean it before I did have to leave to pick up Keaton and Whitman. I stopped at the library and then picked them up from church. They both had a really good time at Impact. 

Keaton's favorite part was playing basketball while Whitman said that he really enjoyed the cinnamon rolls. While Keaton was disappointed that they weren't able to take the 5th graders to get snow cones because the power was out, it didn't bother her too much. Whitman said that his least favorite thing was when you were finished eating, you had to stay there until it was time to clean up. He is the same way at home-always ready to leave the table. He does ask to be excused at home, but most of the time is denied.

We ran to Sam's to pick up an order. Then came home to unload-my Sam's run wasn't a complete success since they gave me pita bread that was moldy. Once we made it home, they unloaded their suitcases, and we through their clothes in the washer. We had Whitman take a shower so I could also wash the clothes that he was wearing. Pretty soon after this, Keaton went upstairs to start packing for tomorrow, but she fell asleep and slept until supper time.

I spent the day going in and out of the camper and checking and double checking my lists. By 5, pretty much everything had been finsihed so I crashed on the couch for a little bit. I am just a mite bit sore from our hikes yesterday too!

Robby did all the things to switch the camper from trip 1 to trips 2 and 3. We had to wait on him to shower before we all sat down to eat supper together. We won't all be together again until next Friday. The kids will have been at camp all week, so I am sure that they will be pretty tired that day.

After supper, everyone did help do a few things around the house. Then Robby, the girls, and I all went to Walmart. Reagan was looking for a book while our main mission was finding socks for Anderson. I was able to find socks but there were no books to be found. 

There is one load of clothes in the dryer right now, and one more load of things to take to the camper, but after that I think I am done for the evening. Actually, I don't have any intentions of walking back to the camper today. When we built our camper shed, we really debated where to put it. I had wanted beside the kitchen near the tire swing, the other option was in the front and cady corner to the front of the house, and then finally where it is. After walking to the camper at leasts 30 times today, I am so glad that we chose to put it as close to the house as possible.

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