June 19, 2023

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  • It was a super early morning because today was cooking camp for Keaton and Whitman. Drop off and pick up are a bit different this year along with the kids getting breakfast. Their breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs, potatoes, bacon, cinnamon rolls and fruit. That was not a shabby breakfast at all!
  • After dropping them off, I went to Walmart to pick up a few things for the next few weeks. Then I stopped at Kroger before waiting to meet Robby for gas. He dropped off the camper to get it aligned so I then brought him home.
  • Since Robby was off today, he went right to work on the yard while I didn't have very long at home working on my chores. I was soon headed to get Keaton and Whitman.
  • They both were carrying hot fritatas-Keaton only used 2 veggies in hers while Whitman used all 5. They are both in culinary 1, but they are in different groups. Keaton said that they both still see each other though-she washed a fork for him and he washed a fork for her.
  • The worked on knife skills-Whitman said that he cut himself twice, but I didn't see any scars. Then they had a tour of the kitchen before working on their fritatas and starting a dough for tomorrow. They both seemed to really have a good day. And yep, neither one of them even tried their fritatas.
  • Campbell and Keaton went to the pool with Traci and her crew. They swam for 2 hours and had a blast. While they were gone, I worked with Whitman with spelling and when the girls came home, they also did some of their school.
  • The big boys are doing some Dave Ramsey stuff this summer. They were both super talkative about credit vs. debit cards on the way home today so I guess they are learning something.
  • Late this afternoon, Robby took the boys to get their hair cut while I took the girls to buy snacks for their trips. Then we met for gas, and I took the boys to get their snacks. 
  • Since Reagan is at the beach she missed out the snack shopping. I did buy her a few things though-she will have to get hers later. The weather had been bad for Reagan so the one good thing is that she is not sunburned. They have been able to go to the beach at least to sit by it and play some volleyball.

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