June 13, 2023-Camp and Camping for all the Dennies

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We thought for sure that today was going to be a complete wash out; however, we were pleasantly surprised. It did start raining this morning, but when it did finish Robby and I took Bentley on a walk.

Then we sat outside and ate our breafasts. Soon after we finished breafast, it did start raining again. Traci, the girls and I all sat under the tent outside and played Catch Phrase, Mancala, and Five Crowns. The Five Crowns game takes a good while, and this was probably the first time that we have played the entire game. 

When the rain finally did stop, we moved on to a Baggo tournament. I believe that Robby and Gabe were the winners. It did help that we moved Gabe's line up pretty close. Whitman and I, I think, came in second place. 

After this, we cleaned up a little bit-pretty much everytime that we leave the campsites, we have been putting everything away under the tent so it will not get wet. The weather says that it will not rain, and then 10 minutes later, it is predicting heavy showers. For some reason, they just can't decide what the weather is going to do, so we are trying to be prepared and avoid having wet chairs.

We walked on the Island Trail this afternoon. It is just a mile, but there was a spot right near the lake that the kids were able to wade into and throw rocks. Now, Whitman is just like his brothers and wanted to be the first one on the trail so that he was.

After the trail, the kids played on the playground for a bit. Then we took all of the kids to Sonic for a drink-we drove through OBU on the way back to the campground, and then drove through a few loops here.

We soon heated up supper-we had so much spaghetti from last night that I just heated it up again. However, Keaton and Whitman didn't look too pleased about that so I offered up some pizza crackers which they were very happy with. 

We were eating outside while the girls were playing another round of baggo when it did start raining again. We hurried putting everyting away, for good this time. Then moved into the camper. It has since stopped raining, and Keaton ended up in Traci's camper where she will stay until the morning. They are even going to go to OBU tonight to watch some of the camp competitions, but that isn't until much later.

Robby is catching up on some work while Whitman is on his ipad. I am reading a little bit and will soon start on on my shower.

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