June 7, 2023

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  • This was day 3 of Camp Geyer, and everyone is still in a decent mood in the mornings. Though it is still pretty difficult to wake everyone up and get them out the door each morning. I am expecting tomorrow to be the most difficult day to get the people up and out the door for sure.
  • Keaton was in the worship arts track so her group performed two songs this morning during the opening. The beat on trash cans, smashed lids togethers and banged brooms on the floor. She really enjoyed that track. Now, she is in cooking so I hope that she likes it as well-especially since I am in charage of the cooking track.
  • We were back to our first cooking rotation day so the day went super quickly. Tomorrow we have our slower day so we will be able to clean up as well.
  • Keaton had lunch at church with the student ministry so her group could get to know the student workers. I took everyone else home, and Reagan headed to work. After a bit, I went to pick up Keaton and two more of her friends with another one coming later in the evening.
  • I went to work on some shirts-a few for Dana, 2 for Campbell and Reagan helped me make a shirt for Anderson. This was my first time to use my cricut and heat press since I have had them in their new spots-it was so nice to have everything right where I could use it well.
  • Jason dropped by for a few minutes to drop something off. The big bos were already at Rock Creek when he dropped by. They spent the evening playing basketball and going to get ice cream.
  • I did a bit of ice cream as well because Robby and I took the girls and Whitman to Sonic to get a few drinks. The kids played on the playground at Sonic while I read a bit of my book and Robby played on his phone.
  • We came home, and the girls finally settled into the bonus room and began getting ready for bed. Toorrow is another early morning for us-but our last super early morning.

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