June 16, 2023

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  • Another morning of VBS for Campbell so it was another morning of waking up early. Gracious-how do people do it? Actually, today I climbed back into bed and went back to sleep for a good while. 
  • This just meant that when I did wake up, I had to scurry around to walk Bentley before it became too hot. There was a bit of thunder while we were walking which caused Bentley to want to head home immediately.
  • I worked on restocking the camper today along with changing out where I put my make up in the camper. I guess it is the little things that are exciting to me. I had planned on spending a good amount of time reading my book today, but I haven't gotten too far at all.
  • We had originally planned on going to the pool at 1 but it was pushed back until 3. Then we had to wait another hour at the pool before the kids were able to go swimming. They still had fun though and enjoyed the 2 hours that we were able to swim.
  • We came home around 6, and Robby was working on changing the oil, but he had also put supper in the crock pot. I made some bread to go along with our supper. The new recipe was a supper hit.
  • As soon as we finished supper, Robby and I took Reagan to Kennedy's house. Reagan is headed to the beach with their family early in the morning. 
  • Now we are back home eating ice cream and watching tv for a bit before bed.

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