June 5, 2023

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  • We stayed up late last night watching the end of the Razorback game, and then for some reason I could not go to sleep-that does seem to be happening a little bit more lately. (However, I am fairly confident that I won't have a problem sleeping tonight.)
  • To go to sleep, I finally had to make my list of things that I needed to do this morning. My alarm started going off at 6:50 this morning, but I did lay in bed until 7:10. Then I had to start moving pretty quickly to wake everyone up (we had one extra last night so 7 kids). 
  • We were out the door by 7:50 which was a few minutes later than I would have liked, but still very good. Once we were at church, Anderson, Graham and Reagan went to their areas. They are all guides for Camp Geyer. Anderson has 6th grade, Reagan has 5th, and I think that Graham has 2nd graders. Campbell wanted to be with the little kids in Camp Geyer Jr. so she is with 3 year olds.
  • Keaton and Whitman hung out with me for about 15 more minutes. They gathered my food from the fridge. Whitman opened boxes of stuff for me while Keaton spooned sugar and then cinnamon into cups for the tables.
  • I believe my sleeping problem stems from me being a tad bit stressed about Camp Geyer. I am doing the cooking craft-and gracious, I am not really a person that spends a lot of time in the kitchen. Thankfully though, today could not have gone any better. Today was breakfast day, and we made poptarts which we baked and they came out perfectly. While those were baking, we made no bake cinnamon rolls which were good to. It really could not have gone any better-I was so relieved.
  • After my part, we cleaned things up and got our room as ready as we could for tomorrow. Then I headed up to get Keaton and Whitman. It was absolutely crazy picking up the kids. I left the line and just came back later after the line was much shorter.
  • We had lunch at Nonna's house today. We weren't there very long before we had our dentist appointments. Now who in the world would schedule dentist appointments on the very first day of Vacation Bible School? (Me. And guess who just scheduled appointments in June for next year? me! At least I did schedule them for Tuesday and not Monday.)
  • The kids and I all had appointments today. Graham is the only one who has to go back for more work. He would want me to make this point very clear-his is NOT a cavity. It is just a "depression" that they need to fill before it gets worse. This is the second time that he has had to have work for things that are NOT cavities.
  • Since we had already made the day long, we decided to make it even longer with stops at Academy, Hobby Lobby, and Sonic on the way home. That left us getting home at almost 5.
  • Graham had a party to get ready for Collide this evening so Robby and I took him there. While we were waiting to pick him up, I tried to stay busy because I am afraid that I am going to fall asleep if I stay still too long.

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