June 30, 2023-All in One (Disney, Beach Camp, Seaside, and Dennie Family Trip)

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Dennie 4 at home: I am not sure how much they did today. I actually never heard from the boys at all. I just wrote to ask about how much school they had accomplished-I am certainly not holding my breath on that answer.

Reagan did go out to eat with her friends and then did a bit of shopping. We did chat with Campbell while she was opening the mail for Robby. I believe that their scheduled supper for tonight was "OYO"-on your own. 

We didn't eat our scheduled supper, but I'll get to that in a bit. Robby was up pretty late working on his work so I tried my best to stay up until he finished. I almost made it, but after helping him drive all day I was tired. (I'm just moral support, a distraction, and sometimes I do say things like "they are all slowing down.")

We pulled out of Walmart in Tifton (I'm not sure what city I said last night) around 7:30. Keaton and Whitman both slept in the loft, so Robby and I had plenty of room to move around this morning while getting ready. Usually we have to be quiet and don't have much room since people are still sleeping everywhere.

I thought we stopped twice for gas today, but Robby thinks it was just once. Either way, we definitely stopped in Orlando to fill up one last time. Then it was on to Fort Wilderness Campground. Our spot wasn't ready, and they didn't act like they had seen Robby's requests. He asked for a certain loop, and we are right across from the spot we had in May. This might actually be a bit shadier. 

However, when you have just been camping at Petit Jean and other places that have just concrete pads plus gravel spots for your tent then you get a bit spoiled. This site, like last time, has enough room for our tent behind the camper (not beside since it is fairly foilage-y), the camper and then we have to squeeze the car on the site. There are other longer sites and even some with more concrete, but not where we are. That doesn't change at all how much we love the Fort though.

And when we were here in May, there were tons of campsites empty. Today we saw one empty campsite. There are golf carts everywhere, over flow parking on the grass on one spot that is new, tons of security driving around, and people everywhere. It is going to certainly be a 4th of July party! We were expecting all of this so it is fun to us.

It was super hot when we set up camp. Robby unhooked the car and then backed in perfectly. We weren't in a hurry nor did we get a lot of things out, but it was just hot out there. Keaton and Whitman rode a look on their bikes, and then she went to buy a drink cup at the swimming pool. (Usually Campbell would have rode her bike down there with her, so I bet that she might be missing her sister some.)

Whitman and Keaton did go and put some Disney slap bracelets on some of the golf carts near here. We put out our pin board and had some people trade with us. And Keaton went to the shop to trade pins, and to check out the pretzel food truck that was parked near the boat. We were fairly busy this afternoon.

Before too long, it was nearly 5 so we cleaned up and headed to Epcot. Our first stop was to pick up our passholder magnets. Then it was to Club Cool to drink lots of cucumber Sprite from Russia. This is one of Whitman's favorite things about Disney World.

Then we walked to take our picture with Mickey and Goofy before finding the passholder lounge-just tables but they had free drink cups so this made Keaton's day. Then we went to the American pavilion to watch their show. I surprisingly stayed awake for the whole thing. My eyes did get a little heavy, but I tried to stay awake by naming all of the famous people to Whitman.

Our next stop was Italy. Everytime we have come lately, we have looked around Italy for the pizza by the slice window. It has always been closed-but not today! We had ourselves two slices of pepperoni pizza which was enough for our suppers. That was fun. We can now mark that off of our list-the pizza was actually better, to me, that it was when we ate at the Italian restaurant right next door.

We thought about riding the Frozen ride, but their 35 minute wait sign did not look like it would be accurate since the line was way out the door. So we headed to Mexico to ride Reagan's favorite ride-the 3 Cabelleros. We then left the park during the fireworks tonight and made the long trek back to the car. And by long trek, I mean long trek, we couldn't have parked any further away and still parked at Epcot. 

By the time we made it back to the camper, it was nearly 10. We walked Bentley and had a snack. Right now Whitman is in bed on his ipad, and Keaton is on hers on the couch. Tomorrow we get our golf cart and go to Magic Kingdom so I am sure it will be a busy day!

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