June 26, 2023-Petit Jean 2023

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Impact update: From what I can tell from the many pictures-Keaton and Whitman are having a big time. Of course, I don't worry at all when sending Keaton away for anything. She would have done great 4 years ago, but Whitman is another story. He did have on new clothes this morning and another pair in this evening's pictures. I assume that means that he went swimming. Also his backpack has appeared in a few pictures meaning that he has kept up with it-maybe I don't need to be so worried about him!

Home update: I know for sure that Anderson did finish his school work today. I also heard that he had done his chores while Reagan was going to do hers later tonight. Jason mentioned that Campbell told him that she had not even looked at her chore sheet today. However, Campbell certainly looked at the mail-she has been anxiously awaiting a credit card in her name to arrive. Robby got it so she wouldn't have to carry as much cash to Beach Camp. Though she was a bit disappointed when it did arrive because her name was spelled wrong. That won't be a big deal though. 

The big 4 ate supper at Nonna and Pops' house this evening. They had hamburgers and all of the fixings along with dessert. That was their outing today-tomorrow they go to lunch with the church group. 

And finally the Petit Jean update: Robby had a work call at 9 so we didn't really do anything until 10ish. We drove around for a little bit before stopping at an overlook trail. We checked out the lodge and restaurant. At the visitor's center, I received a sticker for having been to 5 state parks. We are close to 20 actually, but I haven't picked up my sticker yet. Of course, we were just talking about how we don't have room for many more stickers on the camper-then I got that one and minutes afterwards, we bought another one at the lodge. We used to collect Christmas ornaments from our travels, but after filling more trees than we have, we have had to move on the camper stickers. Since the camper sticker spot is almost full, I am not sure what we are going to do next!

Then it was back to the campground for some lunch. Tony made a chopped BLT sandwich for me which was very good. After lunch, it was pretty hot out so we went back to the campers. I had myself a nap and read some while Robby did some work on his computer. 

Around 4 we walked around our loop and another loop. When we came many years ago with the Wilsons, we camped just about 4 spots down from where we are. However, this loop has been completely redone so it all looks very different. 

We hiked the little short trail to the cave. It was a short trail, but back uphill for sure. The rock formations were so interesting especially the ones that looked like turtles. By the time we climbed the rocks back to Tony's truck, we were all feeling our ages!

We ate at the lodge tonight-it was pretty good. I had a chicken bacon ranch sandwich, and Robby had chicken fried chicken. The portions were huge, and the view was really nice. We didn't sit by the window because the sun was blazing in.

After supper, we came back to the campground and walked the dogs a little bit. We ended up walking past the visitor's center, and by the time that we came home, it was dark outside. Bentley didn't go on too many walks today, but she is definitely worn out! We put her back in the camper and visited outside with the Wilsons unitl 10, and then came inside.

Last year, we went on a little trip while all of the kids were on their mission trips. It was not a complete disaster of a trip, but close. That is when the toilet broke, and Robby spent hours working on it. Well, not to be outdone on this trip, but the hot water heater is causing some problems. I guess it does give Robby something to work on-a part has been ordered, but most of our nights on the upcoming trips, we will be near a bathhouse if we can't handle cooler water. (My shower last night was pretty chilly and therefore pretty quick. Though, for me, it was still better than going to a bathhouse.)

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