June 11, 2023-Camp and Camping for all the Dennies

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I was up for a little bit this morning when I did get a text from Keaton asking if her and Sophia could go outside. It seemed to take them a good while to get themselves ready to go outside, but Whitman never stirred.

A bit later Robby and I left to go and take Bentley on a walk. Of course we had to get ready and stir around, but Whitman never stirred.

When we came back from our walk, we made our breakfasts, but Whitman never stirred. That boy was exhausted! Eventually, we did really start making noise so he would go ahead and wake up. 

Today was a good bit warmer than yesterday, but we didn't have to deal with any rain which was super nice because it looks like the rain is coming for us tomorrow or more certainly the next day. This morning we sat around while the kids rode bikes and scooters. 

When I was asking Keaton what she wanted for breakfast, she opted to eat Traci's pancakes since we weren't cooking anything this morning. We plan on doing that another day. Around 11 or maybe a little bit before, we all started to get ready to head to the lake.

The lake was pretty crowded today, but we found a spot in the shade for our chairs and things. The kids immediately started swimming-Keaton even forgot about sunscreen. She is a little bit pink, but hopefully that will go away.

Robby left once to go and get our chairs. He left another time to go and get lunch, and then he left a third time to go and move the camper out of our old spot and into the new spot. Moving the camper is a little bit of trouble, but really we are in the perfect spot now so it is all good.

We stayed at the lake until after 3 and maybe closer until 4. The kids all had showers when we came back, and the grown ups started on supper. Traci had a ton of taco meat, Robby made chicken, plus we all had a ton of fixings so we had ourselves a Mexican supper-except I left the stinking cheese dip in the microwave. I guess we can eat it tomorrow!

We went on a fairly long walk after supper. When we did come back, Whitman helped Robby make the fire. Whitman usually says that the fire is one of his favorite parts of camping-I am not too sure if that should concern me our not. 

The fire was nice, and we pulled out the s'mores stuff. Then we cleaned everything up, and put all of our things under the tent just in case it does rain tonight. Usually doing that causes it not to rain which is the goal.

Keaton is sleeping in Traci's camper while Owen has joined us, so it is really pretty quiet in this camper!

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