June 2, 2023

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  • I guess that I could say this has been a pretty perfect Friday, but I really don't feel like I have done that much, but maybe I have.
  • This morning I hurried to do my chores so I could take Bentley on a walk before it became too hot. We walked a mile while I listened to my audio book. This is a new thing for me-an audio book on a walk-but it was fun. (Especially since the audio book has Dolly Parton reading some parts.)
  • After our walk, there were a few more chores. Then Robby and I ran to Costco where I bought some tennis shoes and chocolate chips. Next up was gas for the cars that we were driving, and then we ran into Kroger to use some coupons. 
  • While we were in Kroger we used one coupon for a free Ben and Jerrys. Our plan was to eat it on the way home, but we had forgotten that we were in two different cars. I reminded him that I did have the spoons in the car I was driving, but we opted to wait until we came home-however, that was hours ago, and we haven't gotten into that Ben and Jerry's pint just yet.
  • Campbell, Keaton, Anderson, and Whitman went with me to Defy at about the same time that Reagan went to work. They jumped for an hour, and then we stopped by Sonic for our Friday drinks on the way home. Graham opted not to go wtih us because he was busy watching baseball.
  • Campbell had a friend come over to spend the night. They have watched tv, played outside, baked pasta and even made cookies this evening. Keaton went to swim with the Crafts, and then she ended up spending the night over there. Whitman had a birthday party this evening that he went to-I just had to pick him up and drop some of his friends off. 
  • Right now, it is almost 10-and maybe, just maybe we will have our ice cream tonight. Or maybe we will save it for tomorrow.

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