June 9, 2023

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  • I was able to sleep in a little bit later this morning, but Whitman had a birthday party so he left the house at 9. This was a bike riding party-like we had to practice riding his bike with his helmet on since we rarely do that.
  • Now, I asked Whitman what his favorite part of the party was-he said the hamburger! The zipline that he rode in Michael's backyard was not his favorite. He did say that he had fun riding bikes, but that he was the very last one the entire time. I asked him if he tried to catch up, but he said that he just couldn't. His daddy told him that he might buy him an electric bike (not really.) I did later ask if he got frustrated during the ride, and he said no so overall, I think that he had a good time.
  • While he was gone, I did some shopping with Campbell, Graham, and Keaton. We picked up my contacts, stopped at Academy to buy shorts for the big boys, tried to find an orange shirt at Goodwill with no luck, and bought quite a few snacks at Walmart for all of the camp-goers and even some snacks for the camping-goers.
  • Reagan didn't have to go back to work today so I guess she is now officially off for the summer. When we came home, she was already packing for camp. Most of the afternoon was spent packing people up for camp and for camping. 
  • Robby and I did go to get gas and ran into Costco and Kroger. We found only one thing to buy at Costco. Later in the evening, Robby and I went to eat with the Wilsons. We ate down the road at Josh's grill-it was pretty good surprisingly. 
  • Then we headed to Costco again-and yep, we found more things to buy there. Maybe it helped having other people shopping with us. 
  • Tonight I briefly cleaned the kitchen before we put the kids into bed. Actually, the big boys aren't really in their beds-I can hear them screaming at the people that they are playing the xbox with. It is a bunch of boys who will be without all of their screens this next week at camp so I guess they are trying to get all the screen time in that they can. 

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