Dennie Kids: January 26, 2011

Mom said we could!
Highlights from today: (click here for pictures)
  • The morning started off slow and Mom wanted a new breakfast menu so she pulled out the blueberry muffins to make.  But Reagan and Anderson weren’t interested so Graham made them all by himself.  Even though Reagan and Anderson didn’t want to make them, but they sure did want to eat them.  The kids finished off over a dozen tiny muffins and poor Mom didn’t even get one.
  • The silly nerf gun gets the most use in the house.  Apparently, if the nerf bullet gets stuck on the fan than it is hysterical.  Once the bullet sticks on the fan, someone has to turn it on and they all stare at the fan and wait for the bullet to fly off.  Campbell even got into the act.  When one would fall near her, she would grab it and then try to hand it to someone
  • While Campbell had her nap, Reagan, Anderson and Graham finished their letter S, Reagan finished her kindergarten workbook and then everyone colored on the window.  After Mom went outside to take their pictures, they all decided to go outside too.  And Mom being the excellent parent that she is she let them-one wearing a gown, one wearing shorts and a t shirt and one just wearing a t shirt.  They lasted longer than you would expect but were begging to go back out after lunch
  • Dad came home for lunch and we all ate.  Campbell stayed at her seat while everyone else played outside.  She busied herself with the xylophone and toy hammer.  She was glad when everyone came in so she could get down.
  • Soon it was rest time and then time to hurry and finally get on more than gowns and t shirts for church.  Dad surprised everyone and came home early so we all went to church together.  Nonna was already there getting our drinks.  The kids ate well but were disappointed that cobbler was the only dessert. 
  • Graham so Mom and Dad in the hall and was proud to tell us that he had pottied for Ms. Sonya.  He didn’t too well when we dropped him off but he did much better than Campbell did-she arched her back and started kicking her legs!  Silly girl!

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